The Open Mat, what is it?

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3c7d1-open The Open Mat, what is it?The Open Mat, what is it?.

The concept of open mat is something very innovative and I find it an incredible way to share martial arts and train with a spirit of exchange to evolve your martial art.

An interesting thing is also to go exploring with the open mat other disciplines and specialties, such as do Grappling go to try to fight with the Gi in the BJJ,or make BJJ go to try in the Judo, Sambo,etc.

Why do I mainly talk to you about the fight?

I have always seen him do it mainly between wrestling practitioners and BJJ, perhaps because there is a common spirit for art that unites beyond the gym itself, but as if it is more related to the sharing of an art, a community spirit different from other arts, beyond the rivalry itself.

Now the idea of making open mats for sparring, or for technical work, etc. I think is a good way to work but that requires a personal maturity that unfortunately I do not see much present in many martial disciplines.

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