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The principle behind techniques

The principle behind techniques

The principle behind techniques is the real way to evolve.

Every technique you learn is based on principles, which is a punch, a kick, a lever, etc. always are built respecting principles related to human movement (bio mechanics) related to time, space and your opponent.

If you know the principles of movement and the body’s reactions to certain stimuli you can evolve your technique by going to build dozens and dozens of variants on the same shot, on the same lever, etc.

Learning a technique without understanding the concepts of that position you will have learned only one technique and just a small variation and you will feel in yourself an incredible emptiness, an inability to perform it.

Understanding the concepts allows you to transfer them to other technical areas, whether striking or fighting techniques, this approach allows you to explore new positions from which to perform the same technique and develop new ones.

This means you’re not studying a technique but you’re creating it on yourself!

Mimicking the technique is not understanding the technique

If you focus on the technique it means that you are not understanding it but you are just imitating it but that is not how it works, because it is difficult to teach a single technique that is good for everyone because everyone has different abilities, different forces, different explosiveties, different sensibilities, the body is different.

Imagine how many people make Bruce Lee’s movements because there he saw them do in the movies, he imitates them well but if I had an opponent in front of him he wouldn’t know what to do with these movements.

The principle behind techniques

A good teacher must focus on the concepts behind the technique so that the learner can and learns to adapt to his body the techniques he learns through principles, you can not force a technique to be good for everyone.

To learn a technique you need to repeat movements thousands of times but to understand them you need to know which principles they are based on (biomechanics, timing, and in relation to the adversary).

The principle behind techniques

The first piece is the technique

The technique itself is only the first piece and then it has to be put in relation with everything else to make it “engage” differently.

It’s like you have a ball in your hand and there’s a hole that always moves, the ball crosses the hole but only if you pull it at the right time with the right strength, from the right distance, with the right precision, etc.

The technique is to pull the ball but within a set of principles that allow you to achieve the goal.

Knowing the principles allows you to create going beyond the technique otherwise you are imitating your master or an athlete that you like without “feeling” the whole set.

With time as you can remember all the techniques, you have to have a really good memory can remember them all but if you master the principles you are able to improvise during the fight and create new or suitable techniques in training for your body.

The principle behind techniques, this is the evolution of technology.

Stay Tuned! and understand the principle behind the techniques.

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