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The rape drug

the drug of rape

The rape drug is a type of psychoactive substance that can be used for the purpose of perpetrating sexual violence or robbery in the most common case of men.

“Rape drug” is an expression that is used to refer, in a rather generic way, to a whole range of psychoactive substances that are used to facilitate rape but also in the case of the man who is drugged for the purpose of robbery.

The goal is to alter the physical and mental state of a person to neutralize his defenses and commit a crime.

Substances used to facilitate rape can have sedative, hypnotic, dissociative and/oramnesiac effects and have the characteristic of being able to be administered to the victim, along with food or drink, without the victim realizing it.

In Anglo-Saxon countries, the act of adding these substances to drinks is known as drink spiking and is considered a crime, although not followed by aggression or other violence.

Drink Spiking means putting alcohol or drugs into someone’s drink without their knowledge or permission.

It means introducing alcohol or drugs into a friend’s drink as a joke is against the law, even if the drink is not consumed or the person is not harmed.

What is the real ‘rape drug’ and what its effects are on the victim

Gamma-hydroxybutirric acid, added in drinks, increases sexual desire, leads to loss of consciousness, seizures, respiratory depression.

To abuse the girl recently raped in Milan and Rome, benzodiazepines have been used which are drugs that at normal doses are often used for insomnia or against anxiety and that in this case, for the use that has been made of it, have been defined, with approximation, “rape drug” but in reality is not the real drug of rape.

The substance that is more commonly and properly considered rape drugs is gamma-hydroxyburittic acid, because, among other things, it can stimulate sexual desire.

Seizures, loss of consciousness, dizziness are some of the side effects.

The rape drug, also called liquid ecstasy, liquid X, liquid E, alcover, Blue verve is composed of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid or GHB.

the drug of rape

This substance is found in liquid form and is tasteless and colorless, and if it is added in drinks it is difficult to notice its presence.

The effects are relaxation and increased sexual desire.

It can make you totally at the mercy of others, which is why it is used to adulterate the girls’ drinks and then rape them or in the case of men to rob them.

Mixed with alcohol can lead to coma but as you can imagine it is easy to be mixed with alcohol since it is put in a drink that can be alcoholic.

The next day you have dizziness, nausea, confusion and you don’t remember what happened

Overdose, with loss of consciousness, seizures, respiratory depression, is frequent because the dosage that causes it is similar to that for the “recreational” use used by addicts to get high.

In the long run it is addictive physical and withdrawal crisis with anxiety, tremors, muscle cramps and insomnia.


Watch this rape drug video

This video is disturbing.

I know!

Not because it’s violent or explicit, but because the intention is pure evil.

I’ve probably interviewed over time more than 100 people who drank their drinks 🍷 with drugs in them.

Someone deliberately and someone/someone not purposely

It happens to both men and women, but for very different reasons.

For women

When a woman’s drink is increased, the motivation is sexual assault.

Women must be extremely vigilant with their drink.

Never leave your drink unattended for even a second.

Never allow anyone to buy you a drink, especially if not required.

Women have to use the friend system when they go out.

That means they have to look at each other.

If you feel different after consuming a drink, immediately notify your friend and then leave.

If you suspect you know who drugned, call the police.

These drugs act extremely fast, so you need to act immediately before it is too late.

the drug of rape

For men

When a man’s drink is barbed, the motivation is robbery.

With men the story usually goes like this:

” … a man goes to a bar for a drink.

Two attractive women will sit at the bar with a woman on each side of the boy.

One of the women will give the boy a lot of attention with sexual nuances.

The other woman slips a drug into the drink while the man focuses on the other woman.

Often women end up at the man’s house and rob him blindly.”

If the man is married, they will drive to a secluded place and steal the man’s wallet.

Sometimes blackmails can also start for extortion if the man is married through photos, compromising videos.


How to defend yourself in general

The first obvious advice as already written is to never accept drinks from people you don’t know.

The idea of the smart straw, the “smart straw” devised by some American girls that served to detect in the cocktail, coloring blue, the presence of ketamine and GHB seems to have gone into oblivion.

In general, however, defence must be preventive since, when the substance has been taken, it is now too late.

The rape drug Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Type of substances used as a rape drug

Let’s go and see the substances usually used.

As I told you earlier with the phrase “Rape drug” is a rather generic way, to a whole range of psychoactive substances that are used to facilitate rape but also in the case of the man who is drugged for the purpose of robbery.

If GHB is considered the rape drug par excellence, there are several other substances that are included in this category; In addition to ecstasy (see the specific article for further information) some benzodiazepines and ketamine should also be remembered.

The most common rape drugs are gamma-hydroxybutirrate (GHB); MDA and certain types of benzodiazepines including flunitrazepam, commonly known as Rohypnol.

Some U.S.-based studies also classify alcohol as a rape drug.

These drugs include drugs such as:

  • Rohypnol
  • Ghb
  • Ketamine,
  • Ambien
  • Etc.

When mixed with alcohol they act very quickly and can completely cause memory loss for events that have occurred.

Be pro active with your safety and protect your drinks.


GHB, the rape drug

As we shall see, there are a number of substances that can fall within the definition of rape drugs; among these is GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate or gamma-hydroxybutyric acid), the rape drug par excellence;

Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) has effects very similar to those of alcohol and is the active ingredient of a drug used in the therapy of alcoholism (it reduces the so-called craving, or the need to continue taking alcohol); the trade name is Alcover; other uses are the treatment of clinical depression and insomnia.

In Italy, in fact, this substance (with the commercial name of Alcover) has been approved for use in the therapy of alcoholism.

The drug is only available for sale on prescription, but for those who use it as an amazing substance it is relatively easy to find on the black market and also online.

GHB has also been used to treat clinical depression and insomnia.

According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration:

“Victims may not be aware that they have ingested a drug. GHB and its chemical analogues are invisible when dissolved in water, and are odorless. They are characterized by a slightly salty taste, but are indistinguishable once dissolved in drinks such as soft drinks, spirits, spirits or beer”.

According to the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), the US federal drug agency, victims may not be aware that they have ingested a drug because GHB (and so its chemical analogues) are invisible and odorless once dissolved in water.

GHB (the rape drug) and analogues may have a slightly salty taste but become practically indistinguishable once they have been dissolved in drinks such as spirits, beer, soft drinks, spirits etc.

Also known as liquid ecstasy, liquid X, liquid E and blue verve, GHB has sedative and hypnotic properties; can cause amnesia; one of the recommended precautions when taking it as a drug is to absolutely avoid simultaneous intake with alcohol as its effects are expanded beyond measure; in severe cases, death by respiratory arrest can even be reached.

Once taken, the so-called rape drug gives effects similar to those of intense drunkenness and often the victim faints and loses consciousness (generally the subject begins to experience the first symptoms after 30-45 minutes have elapsed since taking the drink; of course much depends on individual sensitivity; some people may start to experience problems much earlier, others much later).

The day after taking you can have unpleasant manifestations such as confusion, dizziness, nausea; often does not remember what happened in the previous hours (anterograde amnesia).

GHB is also used for personal consumption (especially male subjects); taken in small quantities, in fact, the substance has effects reminiscent of those of a hangover (euphoria, loss of inhibitions, etc.), but without the less pleasant problems (headaches, stomach pains, nausea, feeling of general malaise).

the drug of rape


Ketamine is an anesthetic drug for veterinary and human use.

At doses lower than anesthetic doses it causes strong psychic dissociations and alters the perception of reality.

For this reason it found wide use as an amazing substance.

It is typically used in narrow circles, such as party parties and group gatherings.

Ketamine is also used, for now at an experimental level, in the treatment of alcoholism and bipolar disorder.

If administered at lower doses than expected as an anesthetic substance, it can result in psychic dissociation and alteration of the perception of reality;

These effects have meant that it is very often used as an amazing substance and rape drug;

Ketamine is a tasteless and odorless white powder and, as a result, can be added with some ease to drinks or foods.

In these contexts being a white powder, formed of crystalline, tasteless and odorless granules, can be easily mixed with drinks.

The rape drug Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


Benzodiazepines are drugs commonly used to treat anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia and other conditions.

Some benzodiazepines used to treat insomnia also possess powerful sedative and amnesiac properties.

According to data from the Drug Enforcement Agency of the United States of America zolpidem (in Italy sold under the trade name of Stilnox) has quickly become the main rape drug among sedative substances.

With more than 250,000 prescriptions issued in the last year in the US, zolpidem has proved more easily accessible to attackers than Rohypnol or other sedatives.

According to these data, it seems that the effects of zolpidem, when mixed with alcohol, can actually favour any attackers who wish to perpetrate sexual violence.

Since zolpidem is essentially tasteless it can be easily added to each drink.

Although flunitrazepam (Rohypnol) is often cited as a rape drug due to its potency, strong effects and ability to cause marked amnesia during its duration of action, studies carried out on its possible use as a rape drug have contradicted this popular belief.

According to research conducted in the US, the results of the tests indicated that flunitrazepam was used only in a percentage ranging from 0.33% to 1% of rapes.

Among the benzodiazepines midazolam and temazepam were the most commonly used benzodiazepines for the purpose.

Benzodiazepines can be detected in urine through the use of normal tests based on reactive stripes. In Italy these tests are sold in pharmacies and therefore can be performed at home.

The test usually should be performed within 12-72 hours, depending on which drug you are looking for.

In any case, the sooner the test is performed and the greater the chance of having a positive feedback in the search for the substance.

rape drug


Alcohol can be considered the most common rape drug, being easily found and legal.

Many attackers use alcohol, because their victims often willingly agree to take it and can be encouraged to drink enough to lose inhibitions or consciousness.

Even if the victim under the influence of alcohol agrees to have sexual intercourse, the act, according to the jurisdiction of some countries, could be considered rape, precisely because the victim’s judgment may have been compromised or failed because of the substance taken.

The chronicles report some attackers, sometimes minors, who committed rapes “of convenience”, assaulting the victim after she had drunk, more or less consciously, an excessive amount of alcohol.

A study in the United Kingdom found that only 2% of a group of 1,014 rape victims had drunk drinks with a sedative or other type of drug.

Another British study of 75 patients, mostly women, who thought their drinks had been altered in a pub or nightclub, found that in fact there had been no alteration of the drink with a “rape drug”.

With these results also agrees an Australian study from 2009:

Out of 97 hospitalized patients who claimed to have had their drink altered by an abuse drug, not one had actually been drugged.

Many authors also consider alcohol as a rape drug.

The inclusion of alcohol in this category should not be considered a forcing; on closer inspection, in fact, taken in certain quantities alcohol can be a cause of sexual disinhibition and loss of consciousness; however, since it is an easily available and legal substance (except for the age limits imposed by the code), the intended victims can be brought to drink without suspecting any purpose.

For the jurisprudence of many countries, if a person consents to sexual intercourse, but is under the influence of alcohol, the hypothesis of rape could be configured because the victim’s judgment skills could be altered or even failed.

Risks associated with rape drug

Respiratory depression, coma and death are unpredictable possibilities when unknowingly taking a rape drug, especially in high doses or in combination with alcohol.

Many factors can be completely unpredictable and pose to great risks.

For example, the subject may have an unknown allergy to the substance.

Or you could take some medicine with possible dangerous interactions or reactions with rape drugs.

In addition, subjects have a wide variability in the metabolization capacity of drugs, which results in an unpredictably amplified response to the drug itself.

GHB, used as a rape drug, in small doses can be considered safe for victims.

While higher dosages can cause nausea, general malaise, dizziness, drowsiness, vision disorders, wheezing and amnesia.

For extremely high dosages seizures, loss of consciousness, coma and eventually death can occur.

These effects, as already pointed out, diversify from person to person and are dose-dependent.

Any investigation into suspected use of rape drugs must involve an immediate urine test and blood test.

Procrastining such investigations could cause false negatives because these drugs are quickly metabolized and eliminated by the body.


The law in the world and in Italy on sexual violence

The legal definition of sexual violence varies from country to country and in some legislatures there are flaws that often lead the victim to look like the person who has made a mistake but apart from conditions of bad faith is not so.

In the United States this concept also extends to the lack of consent when the victim is unable to say “no” to the relationship, whether the effect is due to the administration of psychopharmaceuticals or simply alcohol consumption.

So alcohol is also considered as an important state of alteration.

In Italy, the law 15 February 1996, No. 66 Rules against sexual violence, article 3 states:

“(…) Anyone who, by violence or threat or through abuse of authority, forces someone to perform or undergo sexual acts is punishable by imprisonment from five to ten years. The same punishment is subject to those who induce someone to perform or undergo sexual acts by abusing the conditions of physical or mental inferiority of the offending person at the time of the fact (…).

The administration of drugs may also constitute the crime of abusive exercise of the medical profession.



GHB (gamma-hydroxybutirrate or gamma-hydroxybutirric acid) is therefore the quintessential rape drug even if other substances are used for the same purpose but the effect is not the same.

Some final tips:

  • Never leave your drink unattended for even a second.
  • Never allow anyone to buy you a drink, especially if not required.
  • Women have to use the friend system when they go out.
  • Men who never shit you all are, all of a sudden you’re Bred Pitt.
  • If you feel different after consuming a drink, immediately notify your friend and then leave.
  • If you suspect you know who drugned, call the police.

These drugs act extremely fast, so you need to act immediately before it is too late.

Stay Tuned! Beware of rape drugs

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