The reopening of martial arts and combat sports gyms in Phase 2 of the Covid

reopening gyms

The reopening of martial arts and combat sports gyms in phase 2 of Covid.

Phase 2 of the Covid has begun and it seems that for the world of combat sports we can start a recovery and restart after the mandatory closure even if with objective difficulties.

You can resume workouts in the gym from May 25 but it remains the obligation of social distance that prevents the practice of contact.

So with this reopening of gyms you can do vacuum workouts, sacks, athletic preparation, etc. but no ground-fighting or sparring contact.

It is necessary to respect scrupulous and careful provisions for the reopening of the gym:

  1. Do not drink from the same bottle/bottle/glass neither in the race nor in training, always using disposable glasses or a nominal or otherwise personalized bottle, and do not exchange with the companions other objects (cask, gloves, shin guards, towels, bathrobes, etc.);
  2. Avoid consuming food in the locker room;
  3. Store personal items and clothing in your bags, avoiding leaving them exposed;
  4. Immediately throw in containers the paper handkerchiefs, or other materials used as bandages, patches etc.
  5. Wash your hands thoroughly as often as possible. They should be washed with soap and water for at least 60 seconds and then, after rinsing them profusely, dried with a disposable towel; If no soap and water is available you can use an alcohol-based disinfectant at 60 (for 40 seconds);
  6. Avoid touching the faucet before and after washing your hands, but use disposable wipes for its opening and closing;
  7. Equip the common rooms, changing rooms and toilets with dispensers for the disinfectant cleaning solutions;
  8. Absolutely do not touch the eyes, hands and mouth with unwashed hands;
  9. Cover your mouth and nose with a handkerchief, preferably disposable, or with your hand, but not with your hand in case you cough or sneeze;
  10. Air all the premises as often as possible;
  11. Periodically disinfect tables, benches, chairs, hangers, floors, taps, handles, toilet showers with bleach or chlorine-based disinfectant solutions, solvents, 75th-rate ethanol, paracetic acid and chloroform.

reopening gyms

It is necessary to respect scrupulous and careful provisions for athletes:

  • Respect the State, Regional and Local regulations;
  • Do not leave the house if you have suspicious flu symptoms and/or if you have a temperature above 37.5 degrees;
  • In the gym builds the self-declaration (Athletes Self-Certification Model)
  • Thoroughly disinfect your training equipment;
  • Bring a pair of shoes to change and use only in the gym;
  • Respect at all times the safe distance (1 meter with mask in the common spaces and minimum 2 meters in training);
  • Always disinfect any tools before each use;
  • Always use your bottle and NEVER exchange any items with others;
  • Wash and disinfect your hands thoroughly after each exercise and before touching your face;
  • Take a shower at home.

Covid Self-Certification Document

Access of escorts with the reopening of gyms

  • It is recommended not to stay in training places if not strictly necessary.
  • Do not have any flu symptoms;
  • Get registered in reception with self-declaration.
  • Categorically, the use of spaces and areas reserved for athletes is prohibited;
  • prohibited the use of toilets except those possibly prepared for the public;
  • prohibited from eating food and drink outside the indicated areas.


Regulations for the reopening of the gym

Ordinary and Daily Sanitation Activities

  • First perform a general and detailed cleaning with water and detergents;
  • Sanitize ALL environments and ALL equipment with specific products (sodium hypochlorate 0.1 or hydrolytic solutions with alcohol concentration of at least 70 for surfaces that can be damaged by sodium hypochlorate);
  • Periodically disinfect tables, benches, chairs, hangers, floors, taps, handles, toilets, support surfaces, computers, telephone devices, intercoms, controls, displays and buttons of beverage/snack dispensers etc. etc. with disinfectant solutions based on bleach or chlorine, solvents, ethanol at 75, paracetic acid and chloroform;
  • Arrange sufficient containers for the collection of all the disposable material of users (handkerchiefs, masks, bottles, etc.);

Certified extraordinary sanctification

If a person with Covid-19 is found in the premises, the special certified Sanitation and subsequent ventilation appropriate to the provisions of Circular No. 5443 of 22 February 2020 by the Ministry of Health.

Recommended training protocol with this reopening of gyms

First week:athletic and individual technical training sessions (possibly outdoors). Gym sessions should be done so that the machines, tools and athletes are at a distance greater than two meters.

Second and third week: progression of technical conditioning work, increased workload, insert specific exercises of the discipline exercised, simulation of sequences, etc.

In any case, make a repeatof:

To the updated protocols, issued and published by the National, Regional and Local Government Bodies.



A step forward despite the difficulties and strong limitations definitely do not allow you to do a 360 degree workout but it is still a way to resume the work of athletic preparation and to “breathe” again the smell of the gym and see your training friends again.

Stay Tuned!

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