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The tip and cut shots in knife fighting

The tip and cut shots in knife fighting
Tip attack with knife

The pointe and cutting blows in knife combat.

The role that pointe and shear blows play in knife fighting.

In knife fighting the role of stabbing and cutting has different meanings and purposes mto if you grab a knife to defend yourself you have to know your weapon and know what it can do because your survival can also depend on it.

In knife fighting you need to know that they give a blade tohuman anatomy because pugnalare and cut are the two fundamental ways to inflict trauma with a knife but how and where it makes a lot of differences.
The knife in all cultures is a common and widely used object and therefore in principle everyone knows how to use even for this reason even today it is one of the simplest, most versatile and lethal tools on the planet.

A basic principle of knife fighting says:

“In every shot there is a cut and in every cut there is a push.”

The tip and cut shots in knife fighting Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Gunshot wounds are considered more lethal than stab wounds due to the increased possibility of damage to internal organs with the advantage that can be inflicted from distance and require “less skill” to do damage with a knife.

Now if you consider these two elements,

the application of force and the placement of the weapon,the stabbing has a greater chance of piercing a vital organ than cutting but the cut

can be deadly even if it severes an artery.

Death from stab wound or stab wound is often caused by shock, but this type of shock is different from the emotional state of shock and has a sound called “Hypovolemic Shock”.

Hypovolemic shock is the state of shock caused by the acute decrease in circulating blood mass, caused by bleeding or loss of fluid (hypovolemia).


‘Hypovolemic shock is defined as decreased tissue perfusion and circulatory collapse oxygenation caused by acute loss of secondary intravascular volume to various medical or surgical conditions.’

(From Greenberg’s Text-Atlas of Emergency Medicine by Michael I. Greenberg).”


This condition occurs when a person loses a large volume of blood due to an injury and considers that the body suffers a shock when it loses 20 of its total volume of blood.

Blood carries oxygen and various nutrients throughout the body and severe circulation disruptions cause death, so a cut can kill if it severs an artery or stockpile can strike an organ mortally.

Tip and cut shots in knife combat have a precise function and role.


The tip and cut shots in knife fighting

Tip or cut?

Which tip and cut shots in knife fighting use the most?

Given that both the stab wound and the stab wound are both fatal, which of the two has greater “braking” power?

The study of angles and points of attack related to human anatomy are fundamentals.

With many friends experienced in cutting gun combat we have done excellent research on this topic and today thanks to surveillance camera videos and an in-depth analysis of forensic data, modern traumatic medicine and advice with subject matter experts, and it has been seen as the conclusions of this specific analysis, that when it comes to knife fighting, stabbing and blood loss cannot in a short time render an attacker incapacitated.

Red inscription Danger
Danger, New10

This conclusion must immediately raise alarm bells.

In a self-defense situation every second counts and the faster you can neutralize an attacker the higher the chance of escaping injury or death.

Remember that even if you mortally injure an attacker doesn’t mean he doesn’t yet have the ability to do the same to you, there’s still a time of delay that’s very dangerous and you don’t have to underestimate.

With weapons 1 to 1 is never good!

The role of toe shots and cutting shots in knife fighting
Top fencing attack

There are several cases of people who, despite the stabbings received, were not rendered incapacitated instantly despite the severity of the injuries sustained.

  • The case of a boy involved in a brawl and who because of drunkenness did not realize that he had been stabbed and he managed to get home and only there he discovered his wound only after he started spitting blood. He survived even though he spent quite some time in hospital recovering from a punctured lung.
  • Another case the victim was stabbed with a kitchen knife, but was able to escape and seek medical treatment. He also survived the knife attack.
  • A case in which a fighter received 50 stab wounds and still managed to fight for as much as five minutes before collapsing due to accumulated blood loss.

The tip and cut shots in knife fighting

In the Filipino concept it is preferred to first cut the muscles and tendons before hitting with a stab to the trunk or cutting the arteries when the goal is to immediately incapacitate an attacker, break the snake’s tooth.

In Philippine martial arts tactics, as well as the tactics of many battle-tested Western systems, the main targetis the arm wielding the attacker’s weapons.

Why is that?

To grab a weapon, the muscles of the forearm contract and pull the flexor tendons, which pass through the wrist and attach to the fingers.

By separating the tendons or muscles that feed them, this connection breaks and the hand can no longer close to grab anything.

‘ (weapon) is taken from the ‘
‘ (arm).

Physiologically, this concept applies to all muscle groups, tendons and limbs.

If you separate the tissues responsible for the movement of a limb, it destroys or at least severely inhibits the function of that limb.

Sometimes called “biomechanical cutting,” this is an approach that has been used for centuries around the world in cultures where edged weapons are used as weapons.

Ps. This biomechanical cutting thesis is also validated by the numerous cases of domestic and industrial accidents in which people were cut off and immediately lost the use of the affected limb.

This allows you to understand thereliable and effective effectiveness of a cut with the force necessary tosever the tendons to stop the limb and make it unusable to do damage.

The tip and cut shots in knife fighting Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


For biomechanical cutting there are specifically the following objectives:

  • tendons or flexor muscles in the forearm, bicep and/or arm triceps,
  • quadriceps just above the knee.

An important parenthesis to the above-the-knee cut contextualizing it:

“Just above the knee, where the muscles shrink and connect to the patellar tendon, it is typically covered with a single layer of trouser material.”

This area is under the bottom of most jackets and under the pockets of pants with coins and wallets inside, various items that could protect your cut.

Imagine the thick and heavy winter jackets and long under the waist!

Although it’s a specific target it’s also a relatively large target, and if you’re close enough to reach the bust, you’re close enough to reach the quadriceps.

Cutting this goal means preventing it from moving, what in jargon is called mobility kill.

The tip and cut shots in knife fighting Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


The first thing I want to be clear and that I want to emphasize given the delicate issue I am dealing with is that this post is for good guys and it has never been my intention to promote or exalt even “romantically” violence.

I hope that the following words by Dan Inosanto can serve everyone as a solemn reminder to all practitioners of the arts of the daga:

“There is no excuse to take a man’s life for life is precious.
Every man can take a life, but no man can give back a life.
Killing is therefore a matter between a man and his personal belief of right or wrong.
It is therefore important to train the mind before training the body. “

Today more and more people are attracted by the study of knife fighting, short fencing, a word that thanks to this blog is spreading.

A term that was previously totally unused even if it exists from the dawn of time but evidently lost.

This pleases me when it is used with ethics and not by the usual charlatans who fill their mouths with words very far from them on the net and without realizing the great responsibility that comes from learning this murderous art.

So learning this art requires a great responsibility and that’s why I do the lessons only privately, because it is essential to know the person and above all understand his nature.

Always respect the blade! and learn the function that tip and cut shots have in knife combat.

See you in the commentsbox ! And I recommend, share this article on your social channels!

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The tip and cut shots in knife fighting

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