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Plastic Knuckle

Plastic Knuckle

Plastic Knuckle, the plastic keychain for self defense.

Ultra light the self-defense keychain is one of the last compact self-defense tools released in recent years in the USA.

It is a knuckle-puller that has been designed to be carried at all times.

Incredibly easy to use, the stinger can be implemented anywhere.

The tip of the tool is able to significantly multiply the force you put into it, aligning with your arm for a powerful blow.

You can carry it discreetly and it can fit in a pocket, tied to the keys, or in the bag.

The Plastic Knuckle is a tactical self-defense keychain, a personal safety equipment for individual protection.

A combat and survival device for girls and women but clearly also by a man.

A derivative of the Knuckledusters or Brass Knuckles lighter and simplified but still a power amplifier.

Plastic Knuckle Self Defence

The features and details of the Plastic Knuckle:

  • Compact and ultra portable.
  • Nose tip effectively concentrates and multiplies its own strength.
  • Easy to carry and position effectively.
  • Dimensions : 6 x 4 x 1 cm
  • Made of high-strength composite plastic material (non-metal).
  • Colors: black/white/blue/coffee/red (choose or random)
  • Weight : ( 30 g )

Plastic Knuckle Self Defence

Law in Italy

In Italy the knuckle is not considered “Improper Weapon” but “Arma Bianca Propria” (art. 585 C.P.), as it is built for the sole purpose of offending the person.

Therefore, as specified on the website of the State Police, for the purchase and its detention it is necessary to be holders of a special police license (Porto D’armi or Nulla Osta), as well as report it to the Public Security office competent for the territory.

Moreover, being a weapon whose port is absolutely forbidden (having it with you outside the house, art. 4 L. 110/1975), for the import of the same a special license of the Prefect is required.

There have recently been many misinterpretations of L. 204/2010 with which many changes have been made in the field of weapons.

In this regard, it is advisable to consult the Circular of the Ministry of the Interior no. 557/PAS/10900(27)9 of 24/06/2011 clarifying the changes made, as well as specifying the obligation to denounce the Armi Bianche Proprie pursuant to art. 38 of the T.U.L.P.S.

In the case of an ancient weapon (produced before 1890) and has an inescapable defect of the tip and cut or in any case is unfit to bear offense, detention and transport are allowed without license and without authorization.


Plastic Knuckle

This self-defense keychain is a pain amplifier that you need to tie to house keys, car keys, coffee stick, garage remote control, etc.

These are tools that must always be available for use, thrown into a bag are useless.

Plastic Knuckle Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

The price of the very low knuckle plastic allows a multiple purchase to be able to give it to more people and above all to be able to have it with more items that you always have with you to always have it ready to use.

Attention that it is not clear whether it is really transportable legally with the Italian legislature, so the risk is to take a complaint.

Stay Tuned!

Street Fight Mentality


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