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The self-defense currency

The self-defense currency

The personal defense currency, is a little-known object.

In this post I want to tell you three uncommon versions of self-defense coin modified by “cut”.

Consider that a delinquent frequenting certain environments always expects some claim or revenge for some wrong or discussion and for this reason he equips himself with “hidden” tools to be extracted in order to defend himself or create a shock such as a cut to be able to create an escape.

Often carrying a weapon such as a knife or a cutter is a problem especially if you already have precedents, and it is a more identifiable object than coins in your pocket.

This has led characters linked to the underworld to strive to have with them objects that can be useful but not very visible in case of search but still useful even in the case that is tied with an American tape, band or rope.

Now I do not want to hear moralistic speeches, this is a blog that deals with topics of martial arts, combat sports and self-defense without filters So there is nothing on this blog that is treated with hypocrisy, hiding aspects that especially in the field of self-defense where there is no referee there is no joke.

This means that if you see someone playing with a coin in their hand in addition to being able to pull it in the middle of the face could hide a sharp element to scar your beautiful smooth face or cut your beard a little too deep.

It’s tending to be a rubbing weapon, it’s not a killing weapon, but being a cutting weapon is always something dangerous.

You can always use it as a letter opener!!


Self-defense coin with round blade hidden inside

Now what it can be for survival, for personal defense or for more everyday use, this 50-cent dollar coin turns out to be an object that can become dangerous.

The coin contains a sharp, rounded blade, placed in a semi-circle, which turns out to be very sharp and therefore dangerous.


Probably created for self-defense or as a tool for spies and secret agents, the knife-coin can still be used as a simple box cutter.

As for self-defense or survival situations, a coin with such a sharp blade inside could be useful when, for example, you are in a situation where you are hostages of a kidnapper or robber.

The self-defense currencyThe self-defense currency

In these cases you can take the coin out of your pocket and somehow try to cut ropes, wires and adhesive tapes that keep us tied and imprisoned.

The coin closes with two perfectly complementary and adjacent halves, turns out to be totally hidden and camouflaged whatever place you have it.


It is difficult for a 50-cent coin to be considered a weapon of offence.

To make the blade come out from the inside of the coin, just grab both sides of the latter and pull them in the opposite direction exposing the cutting part on one of the two halves.

The self-defense currency Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Self-defense coin with claw blade

The self-defense currency

This seemingly less sophisticated version is very effective as the blade protruding with hook and greater and if done with the appropriate pins allows at least the blockage in the attack verse allowing more depth of attack.

Hidden in the middle of the other coins and it is always available in your pocket to be extracted used in various situations such as opening an envelope, cutting a rope but for what interests us use it when you are grabbed or to scar and cut.The self-defense currency The self-defense currency Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

image The self-defense currencyimage

The self-defense currency Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Self-defense coin with a sharp part

This is the easiest to make a when it comes to molaring a part of the “circle” of the coin to make it sharp and keep the coin in a handkerchief so as not to injure yourself.

This version is the easiest to do.

attention!! Now as you can imagine these objects are not tied up and if you get caught with such an object in your pocket some questions make it.

Always carry a coin with you.

Stay Tuned!

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