The smiling

The smiling
The martial arts TV series is on social media.
A few weeks ago a boxing and martial arts enthusiast shot me a link to a web series and it was a pleasant discovery, the link was from the web series entitled
that you can only see on Facebook.
In the second episode the teacher introduces his two young students at 5 combat distances with these words:
“Concentrate your workouts on 5 disciplines, as 5 are the fingers of a hand that close the fist and open the grip.”
The fifth distance he teaches his students is the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:
“If you think a fallen man is a finished man, you will find that a man on the ground can be more lethal than anyone else.”
Beautiful approach and vision of martial art.
The smiling
“Our wounds are often openings in the best and most beautiful part of us.”
“It will look bigger than you, until you understand how great you are.”
“The most solid characters are streped with scars.”

“The effort is never wasted. You suffer, but you dream.”

“What the Taekwondo is for the legs, boxing is for the arms! The short distance, where your arms will turn into shields and your fists into cannonballs, where bursts of blows explode in a flapping of wings and the body moves as sinuous as that of a snake”

The smiling Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport
Now out of honor to the people who are doing this beautiful job I’m glad to give you some information about the people who are doing this beautiful job:
  • Release Date: 2017
  • Gender: adventure/action
  • Study: Ferrafilm
  • Information: A film dedicated to the fall and the fight. A series dedicated to dance, violence and the search for a rebirth.
  • SEASON1:
  • Plot: In a moment I lost everything, and now I can’t stop winning. I can only fight: My name is The Smiling.
  • Starring, New10
Danilo: Danilo Fanfano
Francesco: Simone Coppo
Master : Hal Yamanouchi More…
  • Directed by Francesco Ferraiuolo
  • Written by Danilo Fanfano – “Being head-to-head made me bend my knees, bend my back, put one hand on the ground and then get crushed to the ground.
    Like a roller you buythat passes over you and leaves nothing of you. if you don’t look at it. The same one that kept aiming high, always. allowing me to get up and get where I wanted.”
  • Screenplay by Danilo Fanfano and Francesco Ferraiuolo
  • Produced by Ferrafilm
You can also follow the series on YouTube

I’ll recommend it! Everything you’ll see has really happened, most of the people involved in the series are not actors, but the same ones who lived in the first people the stories told.

“Those who want to see the rainbow must learn to love the rain.”

“The real strength is to always believe in it and never give up.”


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