The success of top fighters is never by chance

The success of top fighters is never by chance
The success of top fighters is never by chance.

The success of the top fighters is the result of a process and not of random events.

Today I don’t want to talk to you but just ask you to look at this image because it’s never a coincidence when someone succeeds,often people see the end result but not the process that led them to that result.

If you are looking for the magic wand or shortcuts do not read this blog!. Here you will find “only” solutions.

If you also want to become good and succeed in what you do you need to focus on the process that makes it such and I am here to help you.

Success in people is always tied to a process, that’s what I want you to start putting yourself in that little head.

I don’t want to tell you that just doing this to become a champion but definitely your level in martial arts but not only will it be really important.

You don’t have to frustrate life by looking at the samples because they still have other attributes as I’ve already explained to you in other articles but you need to know that to be a top fighter does not mean to be just the champion of the UFC or some other sport, you can be a great athlete without necessarily being the world champion.

Between 0 and 100 there are so many numbers in between and even if you have to aim for the best you have to be aware that some places are for a few and you can not live a frustrated life because you are not the world champion.

I believe that if when you do sparring or lots in your gym you are among the strongest it already gives you a nice satisfaction and I am sure that you look admiringly at your strong gym partners even if they are not the world champions.

Okay, but if you want to be one of the strongest in your gym, what you need to understand is that it’s not a coincidence but it’s related to a process.

Don’t you believe it?

Try talking to the good ones see what they tell you, you will find that you do not work out like them for this you can not, you are on the wrong path.

The world of martial arts is a beautiful journey and you do not have to focus on the destination but on the path, the destination is a consequence of your journey, what is important is the direction that is the art or arts that you have decided to practice and as you know several times I have recommended to you those that I consider most effective and that you have to integrate to your , which I respect and admire anyway because it is always your personal search.

The choice of a good teacher and your training partners, the way you train, how much you train, the approach and the intention you put in, it’s a wonderful journey but also a very complex and the more level you go, the gentler your way of training.

Martial arts and combat sports are one of the most complex athletic expressions both physically and psychologically and require targeted work that goes beyond the same martial art or sport practiced.

Listen to me!!!

Don’t believe those who tell you it’s a matter of genetics, that has something to do with it.

Find out the process do not look for the magic wand, I am here for it.

Stay Tuned! Success is part of a process of sacrifices, choices, research, quality, attitude, etc.

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The success of top fighters is never by chance

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