Tap Out in Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling!

Tap Out


The Tap Out in Jiu Jitsu and in the fight!.

Whatever martial art of fighting practiced this gesture represents the submission of your opponent during competitions and sparring and is the way you use during training to indicate that the lever or suffocation has entered.

The Tap Out in the fight is something very important!!.

The moment you hear the Tap you must immediately stop, it means that your opponent has yielded and that the lever has entered.

To go further is to hurt your opponent.

It is a signal that indicates submission and indicates to stop the force of the lever, pain pressure or strangulation that is finalizing your opponent.

So as you understand your goal is “Get the Tap Out” of your opponent.

Essentially, the tap out signals a successful application of a technique and an acknowledgment that continuous pressure could result in serious injury or loss of consciousness.

Of all the techniques you learn in fighting and in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, especially if you’re starting will probably be the one you use most frequently.

As a result, knowing how to use this report correctly is extremely important.

This must be the first technique you learn because it protects you and your training partners, yet surprisingly, it is often considered “good sense” and overlooked by students (and sometimes even instructors!) and is not explained.

What if someone gets hurt?? “He probably should have touched!””

Okay, but it’s better to explain this first!!

The inability of you or your training partner or opponent to get out of a specific lever or continuous pressure will make you feel “uncomfortable” and indicates that you must immediately stop applying the technique.

Tap Out

Where to Tap Out correctly:

  • With your hands on your opponent (optimal condition). If you can, tap your opponent’s body. This is the fastest way to let you know that you are submissive. This seems obvious, but often students beat on the floor or on themselves (madness). If your opponent doesn’t hear your signal, they may continue to apply pressure especially if they are not experienced.
  • With your hands on the mat (intermediate condition, if there is a lot of noise you will not hear immediately).
  • With your feet on the Mat (critical condition means you have your hands stuck you can’t beat). If you do not have another option (for example you are in a choking squeeze and you are not able to say it verbally, your arms are tangled and are not able to physically touch your opponent, touch the mat with your legs several times. This situation you have to use it only at the end if you end up getting tangled and stuck. Don’t get scared and certainly don’t let yourself fall asleep. Just slap the mat several times BIG with your feet, and your partner will let go.
  • With voice (worst condition to use only if you have no other option to tap out). Really let your opponent know that you’ve been submissive so you have to say aloud “TAP!!” Don’t scream with random noises or shouts.
  • The crunching of the fingers!! It’s not a sign of submission. Often you see in some training videos or educational use this approach, but I do not recommend it even if honestly I also happen to use it, but these are technical workouts so not sparring, agonism, etc. But a relaxing environment to let you know that the lever or choking performed repeatedly works. Don’t use this way of reporting the Tap!!

Important!! Tap repeatedly repeatedly. A single tap out can easily be interpreted as an exit attempt or just a movement. Multiple tap outs are unequivocal.

Do more of the things you saw above at the same time, so beat, tap out shouts, beat with your foot, so there’s no chance of a lack of communication.

Ps. Important, however, that you beat with your hands on your opponent’s body, this is the best and safest condition.

Everyone taps out. It’s not embarrassing, and it’s not synonymous with weakness.

Tap Out

Don’t let your ego get into the way you train.

Tap out means you’re preserving your joints and continuing to progress with optimal fitness.

Trying out is something important but if you don’t have a chance not to insist and I advise you to beat, getting hurt for pride means losing anyway and not being able to train because of the injury.

Tap Out in Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling! Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Sometimes it happens that advanced students or strong athletes do not want to beat with lower belts for reasons of ego, or with a girl, it is a serious mistake also because maybe you find that that girl or boy with the low belt is a talent that a couple of years later wins on all the mats in the world, so relax and have fun!!.

It is a lesson that you must use to learn.

When do you need to tap??

  • If you can’t breathe.
  • If you are stuck in a strangulation, but you can still breathe. This is extremely important!! Do you know why? Most chokes used in jiu jitsu attack carotid arteries on both sides of the neck, causing blood flow to block the brain and causing a temporary loss of consciousness. Cut the blood flow to the brain without blocking your respiratory pathway so even if you’re still able to breathe you’ll lose consciousness if you don’t tap out.
  • If you feel a lever coming in and then a pain in the joints
  • If you feel a severe discomfort of any kind then I am not talking about the pain in the joints as a result of an applied of a lever.

Sometimes students stubbornly refuse to touch a little out of pride, a very serious mistake, there are several cases of injuries because he refused to beat or because an opponent is not applying a lever at the bottom with force even if it is already perfectly and “correctly” applied not understanding that a particular technique is only to be finalized but there is no exit.

Beat, because you risk being hurt if you don’t.

Tap Out in Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling! Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Tap now and tap repeatedly.

Do not wait for the arm, the ankle is about to break or until you will lose consciousness to touch. If an opponent waits at the last to beat he has already made a serious mistake.

There is no reason to fully understand what happens if a lever or a choke is applied at the bottom!!

Your goal is to make your opponent beat but if you have to do Tap Out do it learn the lesson and start winning!!

Stay Tuned!

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


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