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Provocation has precise rituals


Provocation has precise rituals and the violence of provocateurs has precise rituals.

This is not the first post I make on this issue but this time with a precise focus, the focus is on the classic provocateurs and “brawlers” (Person always ready to argue with everyone, even for trivial reasons).

I’m talking to you about that kind of people waiting for a little cue to argue animatedly or be violent.

They’re the kind of people who create violent situations.

In the field of violence you have to think that there are two approaches of violent people:

  • Ordinary people who are captured/attracted by the aggression, emotion and violence of a situation do not hold back in a confrontation or provocation.
  • Then there are those who are simply violent habitually, that is, given the possibility or excuse that they will become violent but are always looking for the slightest excuse.

It does not matter what their motivations are, e.g. if they are addicted to the high adrenaline of violence or if they use it as a means to establish their position of social domination in a group or if they simply need to affirm and convince themselves of who they believe they are; The toughest, toughest guy on the planet, the person who will not be “disrespected”, etc., given why she will become violent.

Even people who impose violence on others do so in a ritual way.

All these subjects to the exclusion of those who have serious psychological problems (the psychopath), who acts even without a motivation, need an excuse to become violent.

Most of these excuses are fabricated ad hoc, for example the typical phrases such as:

  • That place was mine,
  • You sat in my chair,
  • Who are you looking at?,
  • Are you looking at my girlfriend?,
  • et cetera.

The person who is provoking you through these statements/questions with the veiling of threat because surely the shape and tone are not the quietest lies in his mind making a process of self-belief that his reasons for becoming violent are justified.

Many people fall into this trap!

Denying his claim to his question/provocation of which they have just been charged is basically how you are you are calling your attacker a liar because he is convinced of what he is saying.

His is a fake question/statement!


Example “what the fuck you look at my girlfriend or my boyfriend”

As fair as it is ideally to discuss the point and deny something that is not true and that you were not looking at his girlfriend or that of his friend, and that you have never looked so much in his direction, denying this strengthens in the head of your attacker the right to assault you while admitting it can disarm them.

They don’t expect you to admit it but with precautions/motivations.

One of the first de-escalation rules in these cases is to avoid denying your attacker’s right to take him to be emotional.

It is much better to recognize that he is right and then explain a non-controversial and demonstrable reason by apologizing and saying a phrase like:

  • I have new contact lenses, my eyes burn (which means you’re squinting/looking at everyone!)
  • sorry but I changed my glasses and I’m not used to it yet!
  • I actually lost a contact lens and I don’t see anything!

Now remember that usually before the question/indictment, eye contact takes place!

If eye contact doesn’t happen, it means your attacker just wants to catch you off guard!

To provoke you to discriminate maybe because you’re racist, homophobic, or something.

In this case they could simply attack you from behind or sideways, without any warning/question or eye contact.

In his mind there is already a justification for their assault however light it may be to tell you things up close and not get to your hands.

As for example this is not a place for you! Or something.


Scanning the public premises

When you are in a public place or a local observe the people who are there and the environment with discretion.

This operation is called in technical jargon “scanning” which is the control and analysis of the environment both as people, as objects, and as an environment, but I will make a specific post on this issue of scanning.

One of the things you have to try to do and that’s what local security guards often do is look for people who “have provocative postures” and “stare at people for no reason”, because statistically they are troublemakers and who are used to starting an argument or a fight.

These are the typical people who normally instead of talking to his friends from the group with whom they are looking around looking for someone who engages in this game of looks with them for too long.

If you see something strange or you are near a table let’s say with potential danger, move away or at least never look for any kind of contact!

Never look at the people who are sitting behind those behind their backs, or stare at someone unless you accept the consequences.

Remember that both staring and staring and looking back are both signs of confidence, but the latter does not involve any challenge if done without prolonging time.


After eye contact and demand, there is usually a reassertion of the application accompanied by an open threat, such as “… so what are you going to do? I’m going to bust your ass ass!

You can’t do anything about it, I’m sorry to tell you but you can be sure that any answer you give will not be satisfactory because he does not care what you say wants the clash.

Provocation has precise rituals Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

You have to attack violently

This is your attacker trying to turn into a higher emotional state of aggression while at the same time trying to be the “good guy” who gives you the opportunity, wants to be the guy who gives you the chance to avoid the inevitable violence and punishment you deserve.

It is a deception because these two things cannot coexist because people either alter themselves or seek peace cannot coexist at the same time.

But at this point if you try to reconcile the situation by peaceful means I tell you that it is extremely naive, now is the time to act in advance.

Consider that it’s a deception! As well you also have to be careful that he can pretend to have understood you but in reality he is just trying to lower your attention or look for the right time to hit you!

You should strike to stretch it or strike to disengage and escape.

Keep in mind that in a social environment like a bar or nightclub it is very likely that he is not alone and that his friends come to the aid of your attacker, so staying there or being in a “closed” location may not be the best choice.

As in all violent situations, as you can see there are indicators of pre-violence:

  • eye contact,
  • the question,
  • Etc.

These signals should alert you to the danger before it occurs, but I repeat that once an attacker confirms their actions it is difficult to continue de-escalation and most likely physical action is required or if there is security try to attract their attention.

Now consider that attitudes and behaviours must also be contextualised to the environment and to the local culture where the way of acting can be more devious and deceptive.

There are countries where the fake appeasement followed by an infamous gesture is typical!



If you detect signs of provocation or see them towards someone else it is essential that you move away from that situation or alert the security of the premises.

Don’t play hardball because these kind of people are used to fighting on the premises.

They don’t go there to have fun but always try to show his group and themselves that they are in charge where they go.

They usually pay for it!

Remember to preserve yourself and fight only if necessary and do not notice provocations.

Stay Tunes!

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