The void with weights in combat sports

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phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg The void with weights in combat sportsThe void with weights in combat sports!

Does shadow boxing, the so-called void with weights help you to have faster or stronger punches?

This is a question that many beginners ask and especially if you have never done this exercise otherwise you would have felt on yourself the feeling you feel using weights and after using them and you do empty without weights in shadow boxing.

Will shadow boxing with 1 kg, 1.5 kg light weights increase the speed of the hand and the strength of the blows?

Not really, even here it depends on your technique and also on your personal strength that you have.

Weights must be used correctly and within the training protocol and you must know that it does not give everyone the same result.

Weights can be a good way to obtain a good athletic preparation but it must be calibrated on the specificity of the athlete and to be integrated intothe training periodically more oriented to the sensation you perceive than to a real training that you can do with many other tools and methods.

Today, thanks to boxing trackers, you have great possibilities to measure whether your training from an athletic point of view is giving the correct results.

These tools are like a coach and allow you to measure the increase in performance in terms of stroke volumes, speed and power. Screen-Shot-2016-04-25-at-1.45.43-PM The void with weights in combat sports