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The weight of the kettlebell and which one to buy

kettlebell weightThe weight of kettlebell and which to buy is one of the first questions that are asked.

How to choose the weight of the kettlebell.

When you have to buy a kettlebell and start doing a search you realize that there are many types on the market and with similar shapes but in reality they are not all the same.

Even if it is a simple tool it must have characteristics that must be respected.

Not all kettlebells are the same.

Ps. If you’re a producer and you want me to try your Kettlebell write to me!

There are simple and coated fusion Kettlebells, which have insertable weights to vary their weight, etc. but one thing you immediately need to understand is that it can’t be replaced with a gym weight because it doesn’t do the same job.

There are plenty of them on the market but being an object that can last a lifetime it is important to choose a kettlebell with the right characteristics.

With a single tool, which is increasingly used by professional fighters, you can train with only one tool:

  • Explosive force
  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Stretching
  • Muscle strength
  • Cardiovascular resistance
  • Coordination

Now these are the main benefits but there really are a lot of them and if you have never used it you are about to discover a real portable gym but that will make you work in a different way than gym weights doing a job more suitable for combat disciplines.

There are many exercises and workouts with kettlebells from the fundamental ones, to the advanced ones to get to the ballistic ones.

Kettlebell No Stop Workout

It’s a workout that I created and that you can use to test your fitness level.

This is an example of a workout of 18 exercises to test your fitness level and that you can repeat several times.


Choosing the weight of the kettlebell

One of the first questions you ask when looking for a kettlebell is “what weight should I choose?”.

I know, at first you want to take only a kettlebell or the pair (but usually you do it later) and then with time you choose with higher weights to do more targeted jobs but at the first purchase what you have to do and try this simple movement.

Put the kettlebell you have chosen resting on your shoulder and biceps and lift it, if you can a couple of times then that weight can be fine, but if you have the chance to try in the gym to make some even better movements.

Those who practice at the competitive level can use tools weighing 16, 24 and 32 kg depending on whether their level of preparation is seen as, enough, good, excellent.

Non-competitive males can train by choosing 12, 16 and 24 kg balls, again in view of the levels of preparation while women can orient themselves on tools weighing 4, 8 and 12 kg (or 16 depending on the case), while boys can choose between 8, 12 and 16 kg pieces.

This simple method still gives you a simple test and allows you to find the right weight for you for your first kettlebell.

The weight of the kettlebell and which one to buy Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight SportThe weight of the kettlebell and which one to buy Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

In Expert Fighting we have tried several over time and I recommend some for a number of reasons that I want to list you.


Features of a quality kettlebell

I’ll list these 13 features that you need to look at and that clearly can affect the price


The handle

The diameter must be from 35 mm which is the international standard and offers a larger surface area to push the repetitions.

The handle where the hand grabs the kettlebell must have an untreated and unpolished handle for better grip in different conditions with gloves or without and even without the chalk on the hands.


Weight accuracy

Weight assurance is important.

The accuracy of the weight purchased within a maximum of 0.3 kilograms or you have to ask to replace your kettlebell, some do it as a guarantee and replace the kettlebell at no cost.



The competition kettlebells are specifically modeled at the top with a thicker grip base and a higher percentage of load towards the top of the kettlebell’s body.

This ensures that kettlebells do not “pull the arm” of the lift outwards when it is upright or in the rack (leaning at the waist level), offering injury prevention and energy savings.

So the shape of the kettlebell is not random but serves to distribute the weight during exercises in a certain way.


Ideal window size

The ideal window size is one of the most important differences.

The smaller dimensions and curvature than other models have been designed to make it easier to insert hands into different movements with a focus on comfort during exercises and in the position of the rack during lifting movements.

Greater comfort and easier insertion equal better training and new personal bests in strength, endurance and competition.


Gravitational casting

To achieve a specific weight, gravity-built models create better surface finish and better dimensional precision than other types of molds.


High-quality materials

It is also important to assess who uses higher quality steel than many other producers to ensure long-lasting and long-lasting construction


Built and made for Kettlebell Sport

The kettlebell must meet the requirements of the Girevoy Sport Union (GSU), IKFF and International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL) standards.

The weight of the kettlebell and which one to buy Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

The Hollow Core

Since the kettlebell consists of a single steel cast without fillers, only the precise amount of steel for the desired weight, the opening on the bottom allows you to be sure that the kettlebell is filled later to get the weight and does not go well.

Getting the correct weight from a proper single fusion creates a better balance during lifts because the normal kettlebells that have welded and filled bottoms to get the desired weight can move inside and swing with movements that make it more difficult to complete the workout.

If you see a kettlebell that has an opening on the bottom, it means that it is filled with sawdust and ball bearings or other fillers to get the desired weight.

This mode does not distribute the weight correctly and will make the risers and movements unbalanced as the content moves inside.

The kettlebell must be formed in a single fusion with the right amount of steel to obtain the weight with a tolerance of 0.3 kg.


No welding

In competition kettlebells there are no welds because they are made with a single fusion technology.

This means that it is fused as a single solid piece instead of merging the parts by welding.

Traditional or poor quality kettlebells are made with welds on the handles, body or bottom, which makes kettlebells easily break.

There is no welding on quality kettlebells, they are a unique piece of fusion.


No fill

No filling material.

Each weight has a specific mold to precisely drain on the correct weight.

Poor quality kettlebells are made with a mold and filled with fillers such as metal powder and ball bearings to get the desired weight, which leads to an inaccuracy of the weight distribution.



Advanced padding with no objects moving inside is equivalent to a better balance during repetitions.


The parts that move

No part loosens over time and changes the kettlebell by changing its balance or generates noise while you’re training, these kettlebells don’t have fills or weights inserted.


Lifetime guarantee

Not all kettlebell manufacturers offer lifetime guarantees on their competition kettlebells, but some as they build them so well, they are able to ensure their structural integrity for life

The weight of the kettlebell and which one to buy Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight SportConclusions

It is a tool that I recommend you use even if you need a learning training to learn how to use it properly to reap the real benefits.

In addition to surprising yourself, it will also amaze your friends for the incredible strength and power that will develop you, a strength more suited to the athletic gesture, to the performance as well as a gain in an aesthetic sense since many models, actresses, etc. use the kettlebell in their workouts.

One important thing when working with kettlebells is safety!

However, being a moving weight it is always better to have adequate workspaces to avoid accidentally hitting even your training companions.

Workout with the Kettlebell!


Ps. If you want to deepen I recommend reading a book also available in Italian, Enter the kettlebell by Pavel Tatsuline.

The weight of the kettlebell and which one to buy Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

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