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The winning combination, pulls a nice two

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boxing-floyd-mayweather-vs-manny-pacquiao The winning combination, pulls a nice two

The winning combination, pull a nice one two.

The boxing combination par excellence!

The simplest combination you can do is the Jab Cross or if you want to call it with the numbers 1-2,but how to pull the combination in question is an absolute must for all combat sports and beyond, the combination par excellence taught from day one.

Many gym veterans will tell you that the left jab opens and the right hand with the cross ends.

Ps. I can tell you after so many years in this fighter environment that surely what they say is right. Boxing is a science but it contains in an apparent simplicity the details necessary to make it work.

At the beginner level, you can win with this simple combination any sparring or match just mastering this technique well 1-2 and using it over and over again but if you learn it well, you may actually be able to win even a world title by pulling this simple combination of Jab Cross.

Now my advice is, read each step and practice slowly and individually so that each step is performed separately from the next step.

Only after internalizing each step individually do you begin to practice them together as a fluid and chained movement.

Ps. Practice in front of a mirror and if you can film and look at yourself!.

Combination one two (1-2) has three simple steps:

1. Jab with semi displacement – Pulls an insidious and “sharp” shot with a slight step forward with the advanced foot.

2. Slide your back foot – Slide your back foot slightly to take your entire body forward to your opponent. At the same time the arm of the jab is pulled back to quickly resume the guard position. Important must be simultaneous!!

3. Right hand – Pull the cross with your right hand forward as you rotate your back foot, hips and shoulders. Recover your right hand quickly after the blow.

boxing-pacquiaoalgieri The winning combination, pulls a nice two

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