The writings on the walls of the pickpockets

The writings on the walls of the pickpockets

Writing on pickpockets’ walls is a thing all over the world.

⚠️ If you see something like this in your language as you walk down the street then it may be that they’ve already observed you⚠️

Some things I tell you and that you have to keep in mind about them.

But if you see this sign somewhere, and you stop to look at it, someone is already looking at you to see where your hands go to check if your valuables like:

It’s natural for most people to self-assess out of fear.

So be aware of this and it could also be an interesting personal observation exercise to see in action.

Try writing something like that where a lot of people pass by.

Or the next time you see this sign somewhere, sit back and watch people’s reactions when they see it.

Pickpockets first of all are always looking for an easy goal,they want to go for the path of least resistance.

Being openly aware, explicitly with your body language will make you an unwanted prey for most people trying to discreetly take your things.

The writings on the walls of the pickpockets

The group work of pickpockets

Also remember that they work in a group,so if you see one in action or that you turn around look for the other.

Knowing what specific space people need to take your things is easy, if you lose sight of people’s feet with your peripheral vision, they are closing the gap.

Although they are not looking for a fight, they are ready to attack, remember this …

They can go from pickpocket to theft in the blink of an eye, but you need to be aware that people’s hands in a fight can “fly” when you face one.

They are aware of our prejudices,so they use children, old people, women, etc.

Don’t expect a guy who looks like a brute casually bumping at you.

Suspect anyone entering your space. If you have a doubt listen to it!

Beware of writing on pickpockets’ walls.

Protect your bag with anti-cut pickpocket systems

Bring only the money you need, wallets in your front pocket or seat belt.

Think about creating a wallet for bait, with fake money in it, fake documents, etc., it must seem true, it can serve you to “give” the pickpockeker the one instead of yours!

Always keep your backpack attached to you (I use Kevlar ropes and a small hook attached to my belt).

Keep your backpack with one leg through one of the straps in restaurants between your legs, and if you get into an Uber or taxi,always keep it with you the same way.

There are cut-proof bags and you can make your backpack (or take an anti-cutting one directly) avoiding you receiving cuts on your backpack to take away the contents from pickpockets.

Then put your things inside a cut-proof bag (anti slash) by placing your things inside a “metal mesh” bag inside the backpack

Alternatively glue some Kevlar panels inside the bottom into the sides of the bag where you put your most important things.

Keep copies of your documents, emergency credit card, phone numbers.


Don’t randomly put important things inside your bag or backpack.

Watch out for writing on pickpockets’ walls!

Street Fight Mentality! Self Defence is not a game!


Ps. On the writings and symbols you see on the buses, bells, walls, etc. there would be a lot to say but this is a short pill of the day for you as you walk around your city or in a place you don’t know.

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