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Things that matter very little.

Things that matter very little. Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Try asking someone you know what is the most valuable asset?. It’s very easy for you to answer “health”, “life”, but at this point as obvious and obvious as it is to say this is easily demonstrable that often then people in behaviors do the opposite of what they said, with the facts prove the opposite.

Regardless of the craziest habits or simply dictated by ignorance, such as eating junk food, smoking, carefully avoiding any tax efforts, taking unnecessary and harmful medicines, drugging, etc. it seems that many compete to shorten their existence in a bloody way but if you ask them the question they answer you as you know.

In man there is a self-destructive side that is inherent in its nature.

There are many examples in attacks and incidents of violence:

  • by the father of the family with the offspring and consort in tow, who performs in traffic gestures,
  • to the bald young man in the disco who for an alleged look too much at the altercation girlfriend with a group of soaked young men like him of testosterone,
  • not to exclude the everyday employee with bacon, who for a parking lot frigated under his nose begins a hopeless escalation “for a matter of principle”, perhaps with a gorilla two meters tall and completely devoid of a sense of humor.

Things that matter very little. Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

This maybe put in these terms makes you smile but it happens often. How many times have you ever seen not only assisting, but also perhaps finding yourself in the midst of trivial situations that were about to lead to quarrels?

But if the most precious asset is life why put yourself in risk situations for reasons of NOT survival?.

If you’re a boy, I suppose you happened, (for you it’s easier) maybe playing football where you know, temperament, testosterone, competition, etc., but even if you’re a “She”, I’m sure you also know some rudimentary art of getting into trouble maybe with some contenders, etc.

It’s human as a behavior but it’s also stupid and it’s the most obvious demonstration of how fundamental principles of survival are not considered, either made secondary to “hard” male film models to conform to (for the boys), or for the inability to grasp in time the signals that prelude the transformation of the “recently known friend into chat” turn into a stalker or a violent boyfriend.

One of these fundamental principles that you often hear is that “you never know what kind of person you have in front of you. “.

This statement is always true, whether you find yourself arguing on the street with a stranger, or dealing with a person you have known for longer especially in the case of violence against women where if it is true what emerges from the complaints and statistics the perpetrators of violence against women are more often than acquaintances (even intimate) than occasional encounters.

Things that matter very little. Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

If this principle were well printed in everyone’s mind, one would be careful not to undertake certain behaviors capable of making survival a matter of luck.

Yes, fortunately, because if it is true that 90 of the people, are in fact not inclined to hurt their neighbor, running into the wrong person (or the right person at the wrong time) is a not so remote probability.

The 10 not little!!

Car traffic is an inexhaustible source of quarrels: chaos, haste, mutual hindrance and a good deal of rudeness on the part of all, make our roads authentic powder keg (not only in an environmental sense), where the frequency of sometimes unconventional gestures can be followed by the sudden explosion of anger, the altercation, aggression for trivial reasons.

In this aspect, boys and girls differ less from each other, both exhibiting swagger and arrogance that can sometimes cost as expensive as if the car protects them like a tank.

It’s just a matter of luck or the other way around: hundreds of people are drunk, impaled, or simply at war with themselves and the world, sexists, racists, etc.

Things that matter very little. Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

A gesta, perhaps instinctive, for an improper maneuver with the wrong person, can blow up against you an anger as repressed as destructive, they seek only an excuse to vent the anger on an unfortunate man.

Also speaking of that 10 (estimated) of habitual authors of problems, it must also be said that these are people often inactive by “life” and economic hardship, accustomed to a petty delinquency, perhaps altered by habitual use of exciting drugs or simply violent types who in turn have suffered violence, and who usually turn armed at least a weapon like a knife.

Ps. Today not excluded from that 10 normal people who use drugs that alter the physical state, data related to the use of exciting substances such as cocaine and meta amphetamines do not exclude anyone from the list of possible users.

Things that matter very little. Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

It is obvious and obvious that encountering such a type is a real survival problem.

Yet if everyone knows why some people with extreme ease embark on useless discussions for trivial things that degenerate into brawls and brawls in stabbings, “cracked or bottled” in the head, or worse, despite knowing the risks that are run and carefully followed news episodes.

But why do they do that?

In the face of the risks that you run even if you’re right but you’ve cracked the head of one, simple common sense doesn’t suggest to everyone that it’s better to “let go and go home quiet” than to embark on useless discussions? Injuries? Processes? Jail? Etc.

Things that matter very little. Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Why, on the first occasion, almost everyone (including individuals usually referred to as “reasonable”) turn into combat cockerels ready to pluck each other?

The answer may not lie entirely in the difficulty that people have in dominating spontaneous anger and the hormonal storm that accompanies it (adrenaline, testosterone…), there are also cultural and psychological motivations, first of all the self-esteem of the people involved, in other words their EGO.

It can be said that the lower a person’s self-esteem is, the more likely it is that he feels offended and therefore feels compelled to react in the face of a provocation in order to restore the wounded honour.

It is very difficult for a person realized in life to give in to anger, living as a humiliation an occasional insult and not dictated by real personal considerations. He simply will care because that person’s words count for nothing, he has an awareness of himself and his worth. He has other nice things to think about than the words of a stranger.

It is quite common otherwise, where people who feel intimately failed, with an intimate conviction of worth little, who all want except someone who reminds them of this, perhaps simply giving them the moron or the asshole on the street.

It is in contexts like these that anger explodes, when two contenders are committed to demonstrating something more to themselves than to the other: it is not true that I am not worth anything, I am right, I have the strength to assert myself.

How superfluous and ridiculous all this is in the face of being injured or killed with a knife is a thought and reasoning that it is essential that FAI FIRST.

People’s EGO is one of the most frequent reasons for sometimes tragic escalation and, as such, should never be underestimated: its presence must be kept well present by each of us in all situations of confrontation between unknown and non-unknown persons.

Things that matter very little. Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Ps. it is useless to be right standing under two meters of land or in jail for 15 years and what matters is to stay alive and all of a piece.

Maybe you’re thinking but basically? “I’m not going to look for them, but what if I’m there?”

It is true, there are not only occasional quarrels even if it is one of the most frequent cases, there are bad encounters, or worse it can happen to have to deal with violent people who for one reason or another can not avoid, maybe because they live under the same roof, live in the same neighborhood, attend the same school , the same premises, etc.

The message I want to give you is not to escape in the face of a critical situation, on the contrary, running away most of the time is not a viable solution in many cases, you see domestic violence, or other critical situations where the chances of being chased and reached are very high, and at that point you just have to fight or take them, but what you have to understand is that you have to do it only when you need to and not for your ego.

If there is no “kill” solution, !!.

Things that matter very little. Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Better to deal with the situation appropriately, having as the primary goal avoid il combat, and only if necessary to fight.

The vast majority of opportunities for physical confrontation can be resolved bloodlessly, whether it be robberies or simple altercations.

The only exception applies to encounters with persons in a state of psychic alteration, induced or not by substances, with which other considerations apply.

Whoever you are in front of, whether alone or in a group, whether armed or not, whether or not he is in full possession of his mental faculties, he is communicating with you with words and with the body and you are doing the same with him, you are influencing each other and what you will say will determine the next outcome.

Communication and the way we communicate is the key element of what I call “GeoffThompson’ art of fighting without a fight ” on which Geoff Thompson after years of violence as a bouncer in London’s worst clubs is spending time explaining after retating the countless brawls he solved with violence and that he could have conducted differently.

Things that matter very little. Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

It is curious the diametrically opposed journey that Geoff is leading, admirable and an important awareness.

Violence is not a solution when it can be avoided!



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