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Training to fight isn’t gym fitness

Training to fight isn't gym fitness

Training to fight is not gym fitness.

A fighter’s workout isn’t like crossfit or gym fitness.

Today I want to talk to you about my personal opinion on the way to train for combat is not fitness because more and more often they come to combat sports contamination from other sports with improvised methods that have nothing to do with what are the problems to solve of an athlete who has to fight in a ring or in any case who practices martial arts.

For a fighter the training must be specific and it must be even more so for its type of combat and strategy.

The training of a wrestler, not equal to that of a boxer, a karate practitioner or fencing practitioner, everyone has different needs that must be understood.

Ps. Also the type of nutrition but this is not the post that talks about it.

Although they are always men/women different types of limbs require specific training and if it is true that training is always good in some cases it is not because time must be used effectively and there is no point in going into over training and doing everything you can do to be fit.

I don’t think you’ve ever seen the 100-year-old like Usain Bolt train with his nose plugged, or do Olympic lifting or swimming exercises, or run the marathon to catch his breath and you know why?

That kind of movement or explosiveness is not useful for his sport, it does not serve him at all, but it would damage him, his performance while remaining high level would be compromised.

combat is not fitness

Training is always good but a pro has to work on specific areas

Clear for a one who does nothing swimming, running, lifting weights is good but that’s not the focus you have to have if you do combat sports.

Nowadays it is common to see the most different workouts possible mainly in MMA.

The training methodology has evolved greatly especially in the physiology part and in the tests.

There are machines that measure everything but we forget that at the base of everything is movement.

Movement has been natural in man for centuries, it does not evolve and change.

Today there are fighters who are working a lot on the movement see for example Mc Gregor with Ido Portal or already for many years in the Brazilian Jiu Jistu the Gimnastica Natural For Fighter by Alvaro Romano (let’s forget the controversy if he is the inventor of this method) but all the work is integrated with the natural movements of the body and in particular of the movements that the athlete uses during the fight.

Consider that this is a part of the job, but doing exercises that are not usable and insertable in your sport is not useful to you, you have to do more what are the peculiarities and specificities of your shots.

I repeat, sport is all right but I’m talking to you about something different because the way you train in combat is not gym fitness.

The evolution of the movement

Movement does not evolve as fast as one thinks, and it is something natural for the body, no one teaches it to you but you can improve it by knowing better and better its functioning.

Today, knowing the movement, bio-mechanics and motor skills of the body we are able to “train” the movement, giving it more technique, more strength and balance increasing the quality with an ever lower energy expenditure.

A punch or a kick is nothing more than a movement of extension of the arm or leg but the technique for the movement to be effective and powerful is another thing because it goes to involve the movement of the entire body with a precise timing to transmit without interruption the entire movement from the feet up to the fist or the kick putting together multiple systems simultaneously or in sequence.

The specific movements of your discipline

When you train or train some of your students you have to achieve the perfection of body movement you do not have to be approximate and it is very important regardless of the sport for which you need or should be trained.

You don’t have to make any movement that’s different from what you need for your sport with the necessary exceptions but that’s what you need to focus on.

Remember that it is not said to do other things (running/swimming/crossfit/weights/etc.), or excess training that improves you, in fact you often get the opposite effect because it is dispersive or not suitable for your sport.

I repeat, training in combat is not gym fitness!

Even as timing of the executions of the exercises, they must be dictated by that specific sport, you have to respect the correct execution times of the techniques and above all you have to work going to improve your performance.

Today where you see more imagination are often and unfortunately the most complex sports for training, I talk about MMA.

Training in combat is not gym fitness.

combat is not fitness

Why MMA?

Having to work on multiple plans and workspaces there is so much material that you need to manage proper planning based on the skills of the person and the strategy he wants to adopt with and on the basis of that opponent.

If you train or train an MMA athlete you have to do so with an MMA context in mind.

If the fight takes up to 18 minutes (three 5-minute rounds with 1 minute interval), why does the specific workout without the heating naturally last more than 1 hour?

It’s not good because you have to learn to harness 100 your energy in that time and not in an hour, you have to figure out how to finish those 18 minutes at the Top but having used the turbo, if you’re not able to be a jackhammer all the time something is not good.

If the UFC octagon is about 81m2 in size, why do you want to run 10 km?.

combat is not fitness

It’s not the kind of breath you need, although it’s clear it can do you good running but your training has to give you a seat suitable for the octagon that is not the same as running.

Running is not necessary, because it completely does a motor activity that has nothing to do with the athletic gestures of a fighter.

It has always been used because it is the easiest way to take a breath, it was certainly good and still is but today we tend to use other tools to try to reproduce energy and aerobic states more similar to combat.

Ps. Try to catch a friend of yours trained at the race and let him do 3 rounds at the PAO with kicks and punches, you’ll see what effect it does, and yet he doesn’t miss his breath!

Someone says that aerobic exercise is related to the energy system and not to movement so said this you can do or do an aerobic job with wrestling, dancing, or any other activity simply respecting the energy characteristics of the workout.

If the goal was only to make the heart beat, even the agitation does, stress, take 10 coffees but it is not this and in no way can be considered a workout.

combat is not fitness

It’s not enough to run

You have to train exactly in what you do, “
if you make a certain movement or gesture in training, you will do it in the fight, if you don’t do it in training, you won’t do it in the fight.

This must become your new approach in your workout and nolonger do it is better is because soon you will find that there is not despite the ass that you make yourself that physical improvement you desire“.

If the principle of specificity is well present in the training of many sports, I must say that precisely in one of the more complex ones such as mixed martial arts of seeing the most imaginative things and tools.

Training with mouthpieces (which those who study physiology know that it has no logic), circuits with endless weights, training inside the sauna, or with plastic bags are bullshit that harm you, can be good only for those who sell them and if you like to suffer unnecessarily, but this hurts you, it is not for those who are athletes!

Has anyone ever seen an athlete in any other sport, other than combat I say, train like this?

Has anyone seen any sports champions use the training mask? Yes? and you know why?

They pay them to make that video!

If you are looking for information you will find that the physiological and bioenergy adaptations that mature from high altitude training and therefore under low O2 pressure conditions occur ONLY and ONLY after a period of adaptation to the new conditions that lasts weeks.

The training mask serves to simulate that condition, this means that kneading half an hour a day with the Mask does NOT determine ANY ADAPTATION of those sought because the exposure time to the “new conditions” will be absolutely superfluous”.


Ps. These high-altitude workouts are used by mountaineers and those who practice apnea, do you do this?

Train with natural movement and improve your technique to make the most of power and efficiency while preserving your body’s physical wear.

You have to be healthy without ailments to express yourself at your best.

External factors are already numerous and can injure you at any time so why do you want to risk damaging yourself or harming your athlete with a workout that is not related to what it does?combat is not fitness

I repeat if you do nothing, any training is all good, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best thing if you want to go further.

Combat training is not gym fitness!


Each workout can work if it improves the overall physical state but forming a fighter leading to a high performance is something complex, because it not only works on a linear condition but moves within complex variables such as receiving shots, and level changes (striking and grappling) the body must move with strength and energy within these variables.

Now I understand the network and the information is a lot and there are dozens of videos on YouTube but stop watching videos and go to train as I told you and you will see how in your specialty improved!

You’re not runners, you’re not a swimmer, you don’t do repetitions, you’re fighters, you have to train yourself to strike in the midst of the “chaos” of combat!!!!

Do what you need for yourself, not what other people do.

Stay Tuned! Training to fight is not gym fitness!

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