Training at the Pao? First read this

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muay-thai-9 Training at the Pao? First read this

Training at the Pao? First read this.

When you work out in combat sports, the person who can have the most impact on you is your coach when he keeps you pao and focus.

If you end up with the right coach, you can make huge improvements in a short period of time.

Conversely, if you end up with a bad coach, you can make little or no progress by wasting much time.

Now if you often do or keep the hitrs in this article you will discover many approaches to training at Pao that you have to know how to do if you want to train and train your training companions or your competitive guys well because there is not a single way as often seen in gyms and above all it can not be the same way for everyone because depending on the type of training of the moment it is necessary to use a certain approach or a mix of these.

How to choose the approach?.

Based on several factors:

  • Athletic preparation
  • Technical preparation
  • Conditioning
  • Explosion
  • Power
  • Aggression
  • Strategy

muay-thai Training at the Pao? First read this

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