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Your training partner in martial arts and combat sports

training partners

Your training partner in martial arts and combat sports is your most valuable asset!

The training partner in self-defense and combat sports

It is a general rule for every sport but it becomes even more so when it comes to individual sports such as the Muay Thai, boxing, ground wrestling like the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, etc. but also applies to self-defence, How to train with people who really have real assault experiences.

No one should be left behind, this is a basic rule that must exist in your behavior in training or within your gym if you want to build a solid team of practitioners or future agonists.

This principle is fundamental and serves to allow everyone to achieve their maximum result.

Strong athletes or practitioners who help others become stronger because there is no need to humiliate or crush a weaker person for the most disparate reasons other than to feed your stupid ego.

You have to be strong with the strong the rest does not matter, it does not give any added value to your training and skills.

Does it seem trivial, obvious?

I’m sorry but it’s not at all.

How can you yourself become stronger if you train with weak people?
I’ll explain it to you, you can’t do it.
To become strong you need level training companions that for their characteristics lead you to get out of your comfort zone and look for new solutions and strategies.
Allow and help others to improve, they will help you even without wanting to force you to find a new positioning and move / get out of your comfort zone by evolving your martial art.

Can any of your training partners become stronger than you?

The answer is YES, it can happen but you will still become stronger and more prepared than you are today.
When I started studying Jiu Jitsu and grappling the thing I did was to always want to fight with the strongest.
I always lost but I saw and felt all the movements, the feints, how they carried the weight, their advanced techniques that they tried, the variations and tricks they used to make me do the tapout.
But with time it became more and more difficult to get me beaten because I felt the intentions, I knew in advance what they wanted to do because remember that it is what you do not know and that you do not expect that puts you in difficulty or makes you lose in a fight.
With time you then learn to attack and become fearsome, but you can only do this if you train with the strongest because only with them your level can expand.
For this reason, when the level becomes similar, you have to create constraints to evolve.
The same approach and principle you have to apply to any martial art, system or combat sport you study and want to learn.

You have to try to train with strong people.

Consider that it is not so simple because you are not ready yet and therefore the advanced level person would do a “bad” training, so ask for it with respect and humility, with a strong desire to partners

Great masters have always had great “friends” to train

Even the most well-known and respected teachers in the world have been students and have made many mistakes to get to be what they are today.
It is fortunate to work with advanced levels because what they can give you has immense value for your learning often like what your teacher teaches you.

Remember that your enemy is not your training partner but the stranger who wants to attack you or your opponent, it is “him” that you need to be stronger.

Your training partner in martial arts and combat sports Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

You and your training partner are pushing each other to go in the same direction.

RESPECT your training partner and help him grow.

A part of the level you will reach will also be thanks to his contribution, not only that of your teacher and coach!

Bruce Lee had as a training partner Dan Inosanto and other greats of the martial arts world, it was no coincidence.

training partners

The training partner is your most valuable resource in learning a martial art.
Sometimes, in the struggle to know who you are, you become the person you never thought you would become…
Leave no one behind!
The training partner in self-defense and combat sports is one of the most valuable resources.
Stay Tuned!
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