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Training with those who survived a real aggression

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firearm-1300396_1280 Training with those who survived a real aggressionTraining with those who have survived real aggression is a great possibility.

Fortunately most people will never be attacked and this often leads to a vision of their own safety and their own ability to defend themselves very imaginative to say the least.

Very often it is necessary through some preparatory exercises to bring people back to the real world and it is necessary precisely to avoid that this over-optimistic vision can expose them to a situation of greater danger.

Having the opportunity to talk and train with those who for work, or for bad luck had to live and survive real situations of violent aggression allows you to understand and see how their approach has differences and that their research goes precisely in the direction of a need to obtain the necessary ability to survive without too many special effects.

Often those who tell you about miraculous adventures of beater is a serial liar.

Over the years of practice and teaching, I’ve asked students, friends, security workers, acquaintances, etc. to tell me about their assaults in real life and how they got out of it and what and how they used what they learned in the gym to survive that assault.

I believe that in addition to direct experience, this approach in addition to continuous research and analysis is a way to always try to align what is the teaching and methodologies to make oriented to reality.shooting-3661550_1280 Training with those who survived a real aggression