UFC Combat Strike Force Tracker

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91QSbOG8ZeL._SL1500_ UFC Combat Strike Force TrackerUFC Combat Strike Force Tracker

Smart device for boxing and muay thai bag that measures speed, power and endurance.

The UFC tracker is a smart device that sticks to the base of a boxing bag.

Unlike other boxing trackers that are worn by the athlete under the gloves in this case the sensor is placed at the bottom of the heavy bag and this allows to detect all types of shots (Hand Strike, Elbow, Leg Kick, Knee, etc.) and also allows you to detect for all the same data unlike the boxing trackers worn by the athlete but there is no advantage of being able to use them by making sparring or focus mitt / pao.

So these are two different products with different characteristics of use:

  • Fixed tracker on the bag
  • Tracker worn by the athlete

In this case the UFC Combat Strike Force Tracker is fixed on the bag just clean and dry the bag with the wipes includedin the package, attach the sensor via the included stickers on the bottom of the bag, let the sticker dry for 8 hours.

The UFC Combat Strike Force Tracker product requires 3 AAA batteries (not included) and you need to download the x force tracker app for iPhone or Android (iPhone 4s and later and Android 4. 4. 2 and later) and sync with the device with bluetooth.

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