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Use of weapons for self-defense

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Gloria-Hendry-1 Use of weapons for self-defense

Use of weapons for personal defense.

A weapon is any object that is intended to offend, that is, to injure, to kill.

In purely theoretical terms, any object can be used as a weapon, although clearly some may be more effective or fit for purpose than others.

From a regulatory and conceptual point of view it is generally distinguished between “own weapon” and “improper weapon”, that is, between objects designed and created specifically for use as weapons and objects originally intended for another function, which at a given juncture are used as weapons.

In this sense almost every object can be a weapon:

Any object suitable for punching, cutting, piercing, breaking through, can be used to cause harm to others and, if necessary, to defend themselves.

In this regard, the law distinguishes between own weapons and improper weapons .

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