Train with popsicle stecchini

Train with popsicle stecchiniTrain with popsicle stecchini.

Vary your training with popsicle stecchini.

Now I know, always inventing yourself at the beginning and end of the exercise class to complete the training can sometimes be unyingant.

The start with the rope or the void,etc. and the ending with the usual abs and stretching sometimes need some nice refreshed so as not to always repeat the same type of exercises.

Attention!! This is a tip but my real habit is to build the heating with the focus on the type of training you have to face (e.g. clinch a lot of neck warming, interval speed of very long legs and leg warming, etc.).

This method I’m going to tell you can make you comfortable when you want to break the usual mechanisms of old routines that no longer help and bore your class.

What you need to do and ask your class to eat a lot of popsicles and to preserve the sticks and bring them to them.

ice cream stecchini

Then color the stecchini of the light blue popsicles (or whatever you prefer) and write over about twenty of these heating exercises that you will randomly extract during the heating phase.

Then leave the sticks with the natural color (or whatever) and write over about twentytecchini exercises to finish the lesson, abs, stretching, etc.

This makes the heating less predictable by avoiding the usual series of exercises.

Train with popsicle stecchini Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Ps. With this simple system that I use you can indulge for example in brazilian jiu jitsu or struggle, forcing you to use certain techniques or guard positions, finalizations etc. giving limitations that force you to strive in certain areas of work.

Striking and MMA and train with popsicle stecchini

The same thing you can do in MMA where you have a blue and a red glass and there are the same stecchini for both training partners where you extract what you will have to do in the first 5 minutes.

One pulls out a toothpick and will only have to make striking only arms, striking only legs, striking complete, or just fight, only projections, etc. and the other his strategy forcing you to adapt to a certain situation.

Example one wants to do striking and the other fight, or one wants to project you and you do not want etc. but not being able to do other focus much the exercise.

In boxing you can use it to force you to use only or not to use the jab, for example, or you can only dodge, etc.

In the personal defense you can use it to give only one of your class the task of being the aggressor, or a pair of attackers, or extract the type of aggression, etc.

Study certain exercises based on your martial art or combat sports.

Use the training with icicles, do not throw them and a courtesy if you use these methods and find my useful information, help me also to make known the blog!!

Stay Tuned! Train with popsicle stecchini!

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