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What gloves do you have to use if you do combat sports?.

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floyd-mayweather-jr-png-photos What gloves do you have to use if you do combat sports?.

When you approach combat sports you do not imagine how many gloves you can need:

  • gloves,
  • sparring gloves,
  • gloves for racing,
  • Etc.

and I don’t want to consider in this article the gloves from MMA and for MMA sparring to which I want to dedicate a specific article.

Now you don’t need everyone right away, at first you need two types, 12 Oz gloves and bag gloves.

You need to start understanding the importance of gloves because they serve to protect your hands and your training partners.

Read this simple guide on choosing the right gloves for you to use in any type of workout, sparring or competition. I hope that with this guide you will have the clearest ideas, basically I also wrote you 5 tips that you must immediately apply.

img_8083 What gloves do you have to use if you do combat sports?.


Let’s start as for clothes, what size of gloves should you use?

If you’re like me, you probably use a set of gloves for training type and sport, but it’s not a vice but it’s something important, you can’t use a couple of gloves for everything.

Depending on the type of workout you do, such as sack, focus pads, pao, sparring, etc. you have to use a certain type of gloves and weight to have a good workout, preserve your hands and your training partners.

If you compete you absolutely have to have another set of gloves specifically to fight and the size and type of glove used will depend on the weight of the glove and the weight of your body, the regulation and the type of competition.

Unfortunately every boxer has a pair of gloves that they use for all training goals.

When you go to buy boxing or Muay Thai gloves, you will see that there is ne for all tastes, brands, colors, lacings, etc.

The only gloves you need if you start playing the sport are: sack gloves and sparring gloves.

Basically, with these two types of gloves you can do all kinds of workouts required like hitting bags in the gym and doing sparring with your workout buddies.

Below are the guidelines for body weight and size of the training gloves that I recommend:

  • 54kg down – (12oz or 14oz)
  • 54kg – 68kg (14oz – 16oz)
  • 68kg – 81kg (16oz – 20oz)
  • 81kg up (18oz & up)