Gracie Master Cycle

Master Cycle Gracie BJJ

What is the Brazilian Jiu JitsuGracie Master Cycle?

Beyond the blue, purple, brown, black belt, if you want to delve deeper into the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu system which consists of over 600 advanced techniques, each of which has been organized in a well-defined logic, a systematic curriculum called “The Master Cycle“.

The training system is also the most effective way to master all advanced techniques and is to focus on one position at a time.

For this reason, all gracie jiu jitsu techniques have been classified into what they call the “
seven positional chapters

  • Mount,
  • Side Mount,
  • Look,
  • Half Guard,
  • Back Mount,
  • Leg Locks,
  • Standing up.

At the Gracie Academy, they spend many weeks studying a single positional chapter before moving on to the next one.

Once you have completed all seven chapters, then start the cycle again with another technique.

So a technique is repeated in the seven positions.

Gracie Master Cycle

Each time a student repeats the cycle, he learns new techniques in each of the 7 positions and deepens their knowledge of those seen previously until you have full mastery of each technique.

This teaching system is called Master Cycle.

Now this is not the only teaching method used for the study of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where today thanks to sports competitions the BJJ continues to have a great evolution, technical, strategy and even didactic for those who want to learn this fantastic system of ground fighting and self-defense.

The BJJ as well as a fantastic sport is also a great system of self-defense that you have to integrate in your self-defense studies because even if with the necessary readjustments the BJJ and the ground fight in general is strong equalizer and in a clash the percentages of end up on the ground are important.

Knowing what and how to control, manage or finalize an attacker even in this level of ground fight combat is crucial.

I repeat for clarity with the necessary necessary readjustments for the context no rules (no rules) that you have to pay attention to but that you must also take advantage of!

But now to return to the sports context, in your Jiu Jitsu school what method do you use?.

Write to me that I’m curious to know.Real Rich, New1001

Happy Gracie Master Cycle of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! but in general good fight.

Stay Tuned!

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