What is the strongest martial art?

stronger martial art

“What is the strongest martial art?.”

Surely this is one of the questions that everyone asks themselves at the beginning or during their own martial experience.

Often this question generates confusion and the answer tends to follow the fashion of the moment.

There is no stronger or better martial art than another but there is a martial art that uses real combat-oriented working methods and lends itself better at this time to your physical and mental abilities at this stage of your life.

Remember that the discipline you need to practice must also take into account several factors:

  • Your age,
  • Your physical predisposition,
  • The time you can spend
  • The intensity of the training
  • Your personal goal
  • The purpose you want to learn for.
  • Training methodologies

After these considerations you have to decide the one that is most for you right now, but write to me for advice, I’m glad to know you and know what your interests are.

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stronger martial art

The more martial art or combat sports lends itself to developing the attributes necessary for combat, the more effective art is.

Consider that the difference is often the training methods that make it effective in reality and that’s why fighting sports like boxing are useful because they integrate a lot of sparring into training unlike many other martial arts or systems.

Often some martial arts are stronger precisely because of the method and structure of the workouts that leads to a correct balance between the technical study and the conditions of real fighting where the space dedicated to sparring is suitable and studied to work in a non-cooperative context.

This allows you to develop the real qualities of a fighter!

Often we talk about this in the martial arts environment but then a few times it is done.

In expert fighting it is not so, any martial art or combat sports, self defense, etc. is oriented to the concept that it only works what you can prove.stronger martial artIn all areas the competition, whether in the gym or in the competitions that leads to evolve art.

Combat is practical is not theory and to do it 100% you have to work in a non-cooperating context to develop the useful attributes to win or survive a real context, especially if your interest is self-defense.

Make the right choice in expert fighting.

Stay Tuned! the strongest martial art!

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