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The size of the ring and octagon

The size of the ring and octagon
The size of the ring and the ottagon.

What ring do you want to fight in?

In sports competitions there are different ring sizes and in addition I want to add to it a dimension of “ring” that is that of reality where there are no sporting limits.

If you read the blog now you know that in addition to combat sports I give a lot of importance to the culture of self-defense and street fighting.

Mainly there are these rings:

  • Boxing Ring, New Rings
  • WEC Ring
  • Ufc Ring
  • Street Ring

Ps. I have not considered the size of the tatami for wrestling competitions because it is a different space and is not delimited by ropes or nets.

You have to know that the size of the rings is not random and lead to a different approach to combat but often many guys and maybe even you who are reading now have no idea how big the ring really is and what size difference there is between them.

Keep in your way that you often find boxing rings and ottagons in gyms non-regulatory, so not of the size of the ring or the size of the octagon regulatory but tailored to stay and fit in the gym, this does not make much difference because it is something that can fit because the spaces required are important and anyway a ring delimits a combat area that you have to respect and this is good in training and learning how to manage space both in attack and defense.

But surely I give you advice, if you have to compete or want to do fights it is better that you get used to fighting with the regulatory dimensions because the more space there is and the more both you and your opponent can exploit it.

Being in a large ring that you’re not used to can take you the first few minutes and it’s not good.

These are diagrams that give you a proportion:

The size of the ring and octagonThe size of the ring and octagon

Let’s look in more detail at the size of the 4 best-known rings:

Boxing Ring, New Rings

Square in shape, the ring has four corners, each of which is attached a stake: to it are secured, horizontally, four strings that delimit the perimeter of the same.

The arena is often placed in a raised position but you can also find floor-wire rings with a simple rise due to the softer carpet that is inserted.

The regulation sets out the following measures:

  • Sides: 4.88 to 7.32m
  • Outer perimeter: 61 cm
  • Ring height: 91 to 122 cm
  • Carpet thickness: 2.5 cm
  • String diameter: 2.5 cm
  • String height: 46, 76, 107, 137 cm



(excerpt from the technical regulations of the Italian Boxing Federation f.p.i.)


Art. 10
The square is a square enclosure of ropes stretched between four evenly spaced poles, on a wooden platform.

The platform will be horizontal, perfectly flat, of solid and well-joined wood, covered in full (i.e. to the extreme edge) by a felt on which is placed a carpet, well stretched, of strong canvas. The rope turns – in number of three – will each be strained by four pulls (one per angle) connected horizontally to the poles.

The strings must be horizontal, and, on each side of the square, on the same vertical plane.

The strings will be wrapped in full of smooth cloth or equivalent material.

They will be connected vertically, on each side of the square, by two strips of strong canvas well fixed and well stretched, placed at each third of the distance between the corners.

The poles will be padded on the top and in the whole part that overlooks the top rope of the square. The poles can be made of wood or metal.

Art. 11
Sides of the square (within the strings): maximum length m 6.10; minimum m 4.90.

A smaller size is also tolerated, up to the minimum length of 4.35 m, except for international amateur and championship matches (also professional).

Platform size: enough to ensure, outside the ropes, a free edge of at least 0.60 m per side.

The size of the felt and carpet: the same as the platform.

Felt thickness: minimum cm 1.5 maximum cm 2.5. String diameter: minimum 3 cm maximum 5 cm.

Height of the ropes relative to the plane of the square: first turn cm 40, second round cm 80, third lap cm 130. Length of the rods in operation: at least 50 cm.

Width of the vertical stripes connecting the strings: minimum cm 1; maximum cm 3. Height of the poles on the square plane: 1.35 m at most.

Maximum diameter of the poles (for the part above the plane of the square): 15 cm if of wood, cm 7.5 if of metal.

The “square” must also be equipped, in each of the four corners, with bearings (commonly called “salami”) that start from the first and reach the last of the three strings.

The corners occupied by boxers must be distinguished in “red corner” and “blue corner”.

If the characteristics indicated above are not respected, the Commissioner of The Meeting may prohibit the holding of the event.

Art. 12
The square will be elevated to the ground to the extent strictly necessary to allow all spectators to see the full figure of the boxers.

In the event that the ground of the meeting place has significant steps or elevations and in case the ring is located in the vicinity of walls or other obstacles, all necessary measures will have to be taken to safeguard the integrity of the athletes.

Two corners of the square, if possible diametrically opposed, will be equipped with steps for access.

ring size


WEC Octagon Ring

To meet the smaller size of its fighters, the WEC cage has a diameter of 7.62 meters, therefore 1.52 m less than the standard UFC cage, and is also octagonal in shape.

The base is formed by a multilayer wood covered with a 3 cm EVA carpet and covered with a plastic carpet.

Below I have made a diagram with the differences between the two octagons used in MMA competitions.

The size of the ring and octagon


UFC Ring, New1001

The UFC matches are held in an octagonal ring (called “The Octagon”) limited by walls 1.80 m high of metal lattice, in the areas of the support poles of the net there are protective “cushions” to avoid contact of athletes with metal parts.

The size of the ring, or rather the size of the octagon, has a diameter of 9.1 m and as I told you several padding protect the fighters from the stiffest or sharpest parts of the structure.

ring size

The base is made up of a multi-layered wood covered with a carpet made of 3 or 4 cm EVA material and covered with a plastic carpet.

This is very important because the base provides grip for their footwork and protects athletes in falls.


Street Ring

This is the road and the size, the ground, the “strings”, etc. there are not, there is all the space or little space of where you are at that time.

This is a condition that brings advantages but also many disadvantages and dangers.

What does this mean?

For the simple reason that this aspect is still beyond the UFC.

These are the real MMA.

Street No Rules.


Now what ring size do you want to fight?

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport!


What do you think?

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