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What to do if you realize you are being followed: a complete guide

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To further increase your security

Also consider these additional tips:

  1. Communicate with others: If you suspect you’re being followed, let someone you trust know about your concerns. Sharing the situation with someone can provide you with emotional and practical support in case the aggressor gets too close.
  2. Stay calm: It’s understandable that being followed can trigger fear and anxiety. However, try to stay calm and don’t let emotions prevail over your rational thinking. Maintaining clarity will help you make more effective decisions to protect yourself.
  3. Take advantage of surrounding resources: Try to locate public places, shops, police stations, or other landmarks that could offer you a safe haven in case you feel threatened. Be aware of the escape routes available in your vicinity.
  4. Vary routes and schedules: Avoid always following the same route and being predictable in your habits. Changing routes and exit times can make it harder for a potential attacker to monitor you or plan an attack.
  5. Learn self-defense techniques: Consider taking self-defense classes or gaining basic knowledge on how to protect yourself in dangerous situations. These skills can increase your confidence and your ability to react appropriately in an emergency.
  6. Bring tools with you to defend yourself: Consider that you have legal tools with you to defend yourself and learn to use them, each state has its own legislature so consider what you can or cannot have with you if you want to comply with the law. Keep them in a location that you can easily access under stress, such as pepper spray, kubotan, umbrella, etc. Firearms, knives, cannot be legally brought into many states.

Remember that your personal safety is paramount.

If you feel you are in serious danger or if the attacker approaches you, seek help immediately from local authorities or people around you.


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