When do gyms reopen?

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When do gyms reopen?

The Covid 19 knocked out the gyms but when do they reopen the gyms?

Hopefully there’s the strength to get up and continue the match and bring home a win when the gyms reopen.

One of the most affected categories are the martial arts gyms and swimming pools, even more affected than the fitness world with their activities such as bodybuilding, crossfit,calisthenics, etc. not to mention many other sporting activities but to go into detail contact sports is something not easy to do, the word itself says it already.

It is for some periods to have to do training in a different form and given for now the restrictions there is not much to do except an important athletic preparation and also with the necessary safety spaces.

I do not want to express myself on what I personally think about this condition not to avoid it but because I know that it is useless, in this case you have to adapt to the restrictions with the hope that in the coming weeks you can return to normal by creating for the specificity of activities like these rules that allow the correct way to train, which is in contact.

You can’t fight at a distance, you can’t fight at a distance!

Ok you can do it for a few weeks to try to follow the health and safety rules but how much can you do?

Surely this is a very affected sector and it needs help to get out of this situation.

The help of those who practice and attend these disciplines that must not abandon them and also by organizations that must be promoted by awareness and information initiatives in order to be able to quickly return to a normality going to erase this fear that is present in society.

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Phase 2 for gyms: when could they reopen?

When will gyms, fitness centers and swimming pools reopen?
These activities are considered by experts to be activities at high risk of contagion and therefore remain closed at the beginning of the so-called phase 2 of the Coronavirus emergency, which will start on 4 May 2020 with the end of the lockdown.
What worries those in the sector is that the reopening has not been scheduled, but some say they could start again in September after sanitising facilities and tools and planning a series of interventions to ensure social dis apart.
Reopening in September, without help for many gym managers means closing, especially if they pay rent and there is no agreement with the owners of the gym walls, or those who have leases for equipment, etc.

The famous phase 2 of the Coronavirus emergency,with the easing of restrictive measures to contain the spread of the contagion, is close but not for gyms and even less for martial arts gyms.

The 4 May,in fact, according to the latest decree signed by the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the gradual reopening of activities closed two months ago as a result of the but those with low risk start again,as determined by the government’s task force for opening planning.

This means that swimming pools and gyms,considered high-risk places, will still remain closed.

No good news, therefore, for sports lovers, about 20 million Italians, who will have to settle for outdoor activities in the parks and Home Gym for those who are organized or have the space.

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The requirements for reopening gyms

Gyms are places where it is easy to create assemblies,not being able to guarantee the famous social distance,the only weapon at the moment to fight the contagion from Coronavirus.

It is not excluded, however, that they can start from September, but only after taking all necessary precautions to safeguard the health of users.

Even others, more optimistic, have circulated as a possible date for the restart of fitness centers onJune 8,although it seems quite unlikely.

At the moment, therefore, it is only hypotheses, the resumption of these activities has not been scheduled and experts are still working to decide what to do, but it is certain that as requirements to reopen gyms and swimming pools will have to have:

few people in the spaces, with respect for the safe distance and contingent entrances,resulting in a ban on group activities and lessons, sanitizing at the entrance, constant cleaning of rooms, tools and changing rooms.

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To untie, then, still the knot if you have to wear disposable masks and gloves during physical activity which makes it really difficult to train.

Then the fact that you can not use the showers, you have to arrive already dressed to train, etc. etc.

As you can see if it is complicated for fitness gyms imagine what it means for martial arts gyms or combat sports, etc. how can you guarantee social distance?

In these terms it is impossible and so when will the gyms reopen and you will be allowed to reopen? We don’t know yet!

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Gyms and fitness centers closed, how to get reimbursed

While waiting for more certain news about the reopening of gyms and fitness centers, there has been a need for consumers to have their subscription paid for a month or a whole year of sports that, unfortunately, they will not be able to take advantage of.

Most gyms are proposing to their customers to ‘freeze’ their subscriptions, and then start enjoying the remaining weeks or months once the emergency is over.

But it’s not the only chance.

As Massimiliano Dona, president of Unc, the National Consumer Union, explained:

“The customer is free to accept or not accept the momentary stop option. If the contract provides for a number of inputs to be used without timeframes, it is reasonable that it can be used once the emergency is over. But in the case of a monthly or annual subscription, with free entry, you are always entitled to a refund of the part of the fee that you will not be able to take advantage of.”

Therefore, the right to reimbursement is provided by law (Article 1463 of the Civil Code) especially if the service provided is interrupted by impossibility and without fault of the customer.

Clearly each of you has your own ethics and conscience if you don’t want to see photos like the next one!

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A number of hypotheses have also been put forward for safe reopening: quotas of entrances, increase supply, extend service hours, change habits and ways of use.

This is not easy for some disciplines even considering that disciplines such as combat sports and martial arts are often done with lessons at set times with qualified instructors.

Free lessons are in low-busy hours and in the evening hours where most of the courses are concentrated.

Maintaining social distance and preventing too many people from using the gym at the same time, so should it be able to contribute to the fact that gyms can be reopened regularly but contact sports? the fight? et cetera.

But even on this point there is no certainty as to when the gyms will reopen.

Stay Tuned and when the gyms reopen try to be there!

The Expert Fighting Team

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Lingua: Italian English

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