Rings and personal defense

Rings and self-defense

The rings and the self-defense.

Hello today I want to introduce you to an object called Fury and that they made commercial in America in the field of personal defense but that in the environments of the underworld and among American bikers was something known even if kept hidden.

Often you see them in movies or for those who often go around, people with big rings with various and voluminous shapes, and maybe some of you thought, man, but if you punch someone destroy it, thinking they’re also used to hit.

Actually, no, it’s not.

Rings and self-defense

If you pulled with a ring like that you risk doing damage is clear, but also to injure your own fingers.

Also consider that a ring can be stuck in a seam or button, etc. during a struggle and create major injuries to the fingers.

The use of tools inserted into your fingers to hit is something that is often underestimated, very often most of these objects if used would do damage to you too.

Now coming back to us actually these big rings turned at the right time are tools to do a number of things like:

  • Increase grip during grip
  • Amplifying painful pressures
  • In case you are grabbed, make a painful pressure to loosen or free the grip. Taken from behind, taken on the wrist, strangulation, taken them in general.
  • Hit with a slap
  • o Hit with a direct blow to the face with open hand.
  • Parrying blows that impact on a hard and shapeless surface creates damage or severe pain.

Rings and self-defense

Then you can do a whole series of actions to attack or defend yourself against an attack.

Now in America that they are marketing wizards have created a specific object for this feature, the FURY Tactical Griffin GRIP Concealable Control Device.

The Fury Grip

Fury Grip Fury Grip Fury Grip

Now why doesn’t it make sense to me even though I understand its potential usefulness?.

Simple, rings and self-defense but not just any ring but your favorite ring,which you choose, is probably always with you in your finger, while instead this item you can have it with you but in your pocket,I don’t think you always go around with this tool stuck in your hands.

This is the problem in self-defense, you must always easily have the tools and be able to use them under stress without thinking about it

The ability to have objects that give you advantage is important but it needs to be thought and formed first.

As I often explain, having the pepper spray,the Kubotan, the house keys, or other self-defense tools put in places on your bag or backpack that you never look at doesn’t make much sense.

You have to keep them in comfortable, ready-to-use places, or take them in ready use when you’re going to a garage, walking at night alone or alone, you’ve seen a strange movement, etc. then you have to have it in your hand right away.

What is the Fury Grip?.

It is a small cone with a rubber band to wear at the base of the index or middle finger of your hand.

It is a personal defense device, a hidden pressure point that is worn on the finger like a ring turned back.

It is absolutely one of the most hidden personal defense “devices”.

It is designed as a force and pain multiplier for grips, grab and strike with open hand, increased impact.

This tool is also excellent for getting rid of sockets, for defense and for law enforcement control techniques.

It is essentially a pain amplifier.

Designed with a nail groove at the top for the ability to collect dry DNA.


The Grip Griffin has a concava bottom, so it fits comfortably on your finger, and is also smooth and rounded so you don’t cut or penetrate too deep.

The Grip Griffin is approximately 19 mm x 23 mm x 32 mm and comes with a customizable leather strap.

It weighs 50 grams,so very light.

It is made in the USA of high impact plastic, the plastic in Copolymet Polypropylene makes it light and resistant.

It comes with an adjustable leather strap.


My advice is to understand the potential in the personal defense of such an object, but more importantly to understand the meaning of wearing a ring with characteristics similar to the object I just described.

Basically the function is the same and clearly the possible choice of your ring and the personal defense must clearly also be aesthetic but above all very functional.

Surely most people with big rings don’t have the awareness of its possible use in the field of self-defense but now you know it.

Ring created by Manuel Bozzi.These are rings created by Manuel Bozzi, a Tuscan artist famous all over the world for his creations.

If you buy anything from him tell him where you read this information, I’m glad.

Choose a “right” ring for you that represents you.

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