Why do you always change martial art?

img_3637 Why do you always change martial art?

Why do you always change martial art?

Passion and desire do not lack, yet you go from one failure to another, change martial art continuously, what are you doing wrong?

Are you always looking for lost martial art?

This is not by chance but is related to your behaviors, your approach to life.

Read on.


Here are the 10 behaviors that make you fail:


1. Find excuses

One of the biggest excuses of those who fail is that they didn’t have enough time.

But that’s not a good reason.

“I didn’t have enough time” is to say that for you that task was not a priority.

That you put more to do, maybe more fun, more relaxing, at the top of your list.

“Waste time” with friends, aperitifs, TV, Playstation.

img_0520 Why do you always change martial art?

2. Take on others or with external factors

Pupils who always blame them for failing to understand external factors such as:

  • they blame the teacher who doesn’t teach well,
  • equipment,
  • the time
  • training partners,
  • schedules,

of their inability to achieve results they never speak, they never look towards themselves, this approach does not lead you to succeed.

img_3662 Why do you always change martial art?

3. Have laziness

Have you ever seen a good sportsman who loves to sleep so late, who shows up at the gym always late, dazzled while doing the exercises and who doesn’t like to work hard?

Rest be sure that if you are like this you will be part of the students who fail, who do not learn anything.

img_3647 Why do you always change martial art?

4. Thinking you know everything

Given that self-confidence is a fundamental requirement for any good fighter and martial arts practitioner,but fails:

  • who does not have the humility to show his limitations;
  • who is too proud to admit that he does not know anything;
  • those who are not willing to leave their comfort zone.

img_3654 Why do you always change martial art?

5. Hesitate when making decisions

Of course, it is essential to gather as much information before making a decision on which martial art to do or which courses to take.

But hesitating too much, it will only waste your time.

To understand you have to not stand by and watch.

Better a good action performed today, than a great action to do in a few weeks, or after the holidays, or after the Christmas holidays.

Start now, think and do like the monkey.

The monkey thinks, the monkey does

crescita-personale-2 Why do you always change martial art?

6. Don’t have a clear direction

Try asking a strong athlete or student of your gym which direction his martial art is heading in today and in the future what he wants to learn or improve.

You will see how many things he wants to do and learn.

Remember that the best learners are attracted to the best learners who have a clear vision of who they want to become, in the present and in the future.

They know where they want to push their technique and athletic ability.

They know where they want to go through study and work but because they have clear and measurable goals.

img_0518 Why do you always change martial art?

7. Refuse to get help

There are selfish or distrustful pupils who feel the need not to be helped so as not to reveal their “secrets“.

Yet no one is good enough to understand everything.

A good fighter and martial arts practitioner is focused on the big challenges of himself and doesn’t spend hours and hours watching videos and books on his own but train with others the new techniques or training methods that you have learned,your most valuable resource in the gym are your training partners.

img_3641 Why do you always change martial art?
8. Don’t love confrontation

Competition is key and must be there to be able to compare with your friends and training partners and“steal”from him what it takes to improve your training and your ability.

Only through comparison there is a real evolution, you can not rely only on yourself.

You need it to know if you’re training well, if you’re progressing.

img_0513 Why do you always change martial art?
9. Don’t be organized

Managing a workout brings with it an incredible number of responsibilities to yourself and to others.

Training methods, time planning, etc. requires a lot of organizational skills.

The best students know how to organize their martial activities, helping themselves with:

  • training programs,
  • they read books in the industry,
  • they take and write notes,
  • review the programs,
  • they watch videos,
  • they ask for things to do to improve.

They also think outside the gym about martial arts.

img_3667 Why do you always change martial art?
10. Being a Ghost Martial Artist

When a student does not believe that going to the gym can help him in life in general and feels the need to hide it from others, not to let anyone know, not totell it, not to expose himself on social media to let them know that he does martial arts.

If this does not happen, it means that you do not believe enough in your own capacity and in what you are doing and it is better to let go,because there is something wrong.

You’re doing something that doesn’t convince you.

You have to be proud of what you’re doing!

img_3657 Why do you always change martial art?

Ps. It doesn’t mean doing the tamarro who took two lessons and says he’s a Thai Boxer or that “I do MMA“, but if you hide what you do it means not believing it and it’s not good.







Pss. The only ghost you have to do in martial arts and Phil Norman’s Ghost Elusive Combat method.

img_3630 Why do you always change martial art?
Have you recognized yourself in some of these behaviors?

I don’t want you to give up doing martial arts, focus, look at yourself and take your responsibility.

Stay Tuned!

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