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The disadvantage positions

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posizione-svantaggio.jpg The disadvantage positions
Because you have to train starting from the disadvantage positions.

This is a training that I use in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and in the fight in general that consists of starting from disadvantage positions.

This is a cue for your training that you will discover, if you decide to listen to this method, and that will lead you to feel comfortable even in “bad positions”.

Start in situations where you are more uncomfortable and then disassemble and unpack those situations, listen to the weight, the position of your body, how to protect yourself, how to hold your weight, where you feel that pushes and the direction of its strength, where you are stuck and where not, etc.

The fight is something kinesthetic you have to learn to feel your opponent, it is not a matter of seeing but of hearing.

When I started fighting, my goal was to impose my will on my training buddies and finally get them beat, the famous tap out.

But maintaining and achieving this goal teaches you that only you really get what you need to evolve your fight system and that so far at the end of the day even if you did beat the whole gym does not always come that mental technical progress that you need to become even stronger even if it very much satisfies your ego and you definitely have the respect of your gym.


  • What happens when the other person takes your back (Back Control)?
  • What happens when the other person takes from behind your neck (Rear Neck Choke)?
  • What happens when the other person takes the mount position?
  • What happens when you are taken from your comfort zone?

UFC-229-Nurmagomedov-vs-Mc-Gregor-Submission The disadvantage positions

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