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The disadvantage positions

The disadvantage positions
Because you have to train starting from the disadvantage positions.

This is a training that I use in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and in the fight in general that consists of starting from disadvantage positions.

This is a cue for your training that you will discover, if you decide to listen to this method, and that will lead you to feel comfortable even in “bad positions”.

Start in situations where you are more uncomfortable and then disassemble and unpack those situations, listen to the weight, the position of your body, how to protect yourself, how to hold your weight, where you feel that pushes and the direction of its strength, where you are stuck and where not, etc.

The fight is something kinesthetic you have to learn to feel your opponent, it is not a matter of seeing but of hearing.

When I started fighting, my goal was to impose my will on my training buddies and finally get them beat, the famous tap out.

But maintaining and achieving this goal teaches you that only you really get what you need to evolve your fight system and that so far at the end of the day even if you did beat the whole gym does not always come that mental technical progress that you need to become even stronger even if it very much satisfies your ego and you definitely have the respect of your gym.


  • What happens when the other person takes your back (Back Control)?
  • What happens when the other person takes from behind your neck (Rear Neck Choke)?
  • What happens when the other person takes the mount position?
  • What happens when you are taken out of your comfort zone?

The disadvantage positions

I want to explain it to you:

Many of the best instructors in the world have found that training from disadvantaged positions or commonly called situational or positional position is a much more productive workout than two simple people desperately trying to get their advantage position or stronger situation.

While it is important to engage in this fight like this, you learn to feel good and comfortable even in dangerous positions and in bad situations, this is what separates wolves from sheep.

The next time you do ground fight sparring, ask your training partner to take a dominant position, where you are normally very uncomfortable.

Stay in this position and in this situation for a while, explore the options you have to defend yourself and get out of this situation.

Try exploring different possibilities.

If you resist and support these disadvantages, you have learned what works and what does not work.

If you improve your position of disadvantage or exit this situation, or moving your situation even worse, you have learned something anyway.

Sometimes you will still learn that in that transition from a bad situation to an even worse situation you can find a time when you can turn this bad situation into a good situation to go out or make a reverse.

Experiment, risk.

Very often, not to say almost always, success and failure are found in the momentary transitions that you have to exploit, a simple moment that allows you to turn the situation in your favor.

To really improve and basically make this “game”, you have to get to a point where your bad situation is much worse and much scarier for your opponent than for you because he realizes your tranquility and with that facilitates you exit from what he considers a position of advantage.

This approach also helps your training partners to work harder to maintain their position that they need to improve in order not to miss out.

Remember that solid fundamentals make you make incredible outings,because you need to know the attacks and positions perfectly to understand the exact moment when you create the openings to get out and turn the situation around.

If you are able to hear the other person it is much easier that you can escape.

If you can escape you have to seize list and do it, the beautiful thing in the fight and that you can almost always escape, but you have to seize the moment, feel the moment when the weight the position leverage etc. have a dead moment.

The disadvantage positions Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Explore this concept of training from disadvantages.

Do not hesitate to touch when your partner protects his performance and puts you in leverage or you Chokes, what matters is that you learn to feel, I assure you that in the end you will be the one to make them beat, but you are now working to hear the exits, not to make it beat.

Make sure that the person who is training with you understands that it is a thought experiment that requires some sensitivity on the part of your training partners, indeed if possible he should insist on holding that position, but be less concerned about trying to get you to do tapout, this allows you to fully immerse yourself in your possibilities but also its to understand where often he goes wrong.

The disadvantage positions Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Try this exercise to start from disadvantage positions on a regular basis because it improves your ability to deal with negative situations, but more importantly that it will make you feel more comfortable when during competitions and sparring when you are in those situations.

One of the things that makes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu so special it’s its unique form of stress,and like anything else in life, you can go from a bad situation to a very favorable situation, this way you internalize it and allow you to build a flexible character that you’ll suitable, sudden and adopt a method to turn the situation around to your advantage.

Good workout from your disadvantage position!

Stay Tuned!

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