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Wod Self Defence for Quarantine

Wod Self Defence

Wod Self Defence (for quarantine).

Today crossfit and the type of training goes very fashionable through what is called WOD which means workout of the day“.

This acronym is used in the crossfit indicates the training of the day but I want to propose it to you given the quarantine period as training of the day.

Clearly our wod is composed of exercises and techniques from combat sports and is made to help you in these days of quarantine stop but also after , to improve the general conditioning and to lose a few kg in excess through a cyclical work of consecutive exercises without recovery phases except at the end of the round.

Circuit training or circuit training is a simple training method because it is based on a few exercises performed on a circuit where each exercise can be serial or timed and the circuit can be repeated a certain number of times according to the level.

Very used for those looking for a general conditioning and is considered one of the best fat-burning methods and especially for those who do not like the traditional gym very much made of machinery and environments where there is “less movement”.

I’m biased because I’m a fighter but if I had to make a choice between the traditional gym and the crossfit I would do crossfit!

WOD Self Defence

This WOD Self Defence
consists of 5 exercises to be carried out consecutively for 5 minutes, such as the duration of an MMA round;

When the wod is over you have to make recovery from one minute but that can be variable depending on your fitness and then repeat the WOD for at least 3 rounds if your fitness is basic or low and 5 rounds if you are more conditioned and trained.

3 5-minute rounds as an MMA match or 5-minute round as the final for the UFC title (if there’s no interruption first!)

If you have a home gym for fighter it’s all easier but I’ll give you alternatives with what’s in the house.

The exercises of WOD Self Defence are:

  • Jab & Cross packed but if you don’t have the bag take two bottles of water or light peaches and do it in a vacuum (be careful not to hyper extend your arms)
  • Battle Ropebut if you don’t have battle rope take two large 1.5-litre bottles filled with water and do the same alternating movement.
  • TWO-handed swing or 30 seconds each hand with a KB you have or if you don’t have the kettlebell take a gym bar or backpack and put bottles in and put bottles in.
  • Low kick packed (30 seconds with the leg left and 30 seconds with the leg dx) but if you don’t have the empty foul bag but the kick you have to stop it and recover to get back to the starting position
  • Burpees, New10014

Each exercise one minute then grab your smartphone and open the stopwatch app or a boxing timer!

At this point prepare all the tools you need to do the Wod Self Defence exercises as if everyone has their own station!

Before you start do 3 rounds of rope or jumping Jack or after a good warm-up run the Wod Self Defence for quarantine.

  • Work for 30 seconds or 1 minute at each station.
  • In the first case it means that you repeat the exercises within the same circuit twice.
  • When you are finished, recover 1 or 2 minutes and repeat the wod at least 3 times or 5 times if you are already trained.

Follow the order of exercises I have indicated to you in the list of this Wod Self Defence!

Wod Self Defence


I advise you to carry out this WOD Self Defence instead of aerobic activity (running, rope, elliptical bike, treadmill, etc.), and you will see how your body fat percentage will decrease, while increasing the anaerobic threshold and cardiac range.

Stay Tuned! and try this WOD Self Defence.

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