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You don’t need long nails in the gym

long nails in the gym

You don’t need long nails in thegym, you’re not going to a guitar class and you have to get people to beat up.

Caring your nails is part of your personal care but also part of safety in combat sports

Everyone knows and you know that in the gym you must have short fingernails and feet, you are not a cat but someone forgets that it is important to avoid scratching or accidentally injuring your training partner in the eyes.

This way of staying “clean” is part of the gym education you need to have in the gym and respect for your training partners.

“Nail care in the gym: an essential aspect for your safety and respect for your training partners”

When working out in the gym, it is important to pay attention to many aspects of your health and safety. One of these aspects often overlooked is the length of the nails. Long nails can be problematic during workouts, both for you and your training partners. In this article, we’ll look at why nail care is important in the gym and what is meant by short nails.

Why are short nails important in the gym?

Safety is a priority in any training environment, and long nails can pose a threat to you and others.

That’s why it’s essential to keep your fingernails and toenails short:

  1. Prevent accidental scratches: During workouts, you may come into contact with equipment, rough surfaces, or even your training buddies. Long nails increase the risk of accidentally scratching or injuring yourself or others. This can cause discomfort, pain and infection.
  2. Protect your eyes: A scratch on the eyes can cause serious injury. In the gym, you often share spaces and equipment with other people. A sudden movement or fall can lead to dangerous situations, and a long nail could easily cause damage to a workout partner’s eyes.
  3. Maintain cleanliness: Long nails can accumulate dirt and bacteria under them, increasing the risk of infection. Keeping your nails short is one way to ensure the cleanliness and health of your hands and feet.

What is meant by short nail?

To avoid confusion, let’s define what is meant by short nail in the gym. Short nails should be cut to a length that does not protrude beyond the margin of the fingers or toes.

Usually, this means cutting the nails at the level of the fingertips, so that they are smooth and not pointed.

It is important to maintain this length regularly, as the nails grow continuously.

Be sure to use nail care tools, such as scissors or nail clippers, safely and hygienically.

Respect for training partners

Nail care in the gym is not only about your personal safety, but also about respect for others who share the same training space.

By keeping your nails short, you demonstrate your commitment to the safety and well-being of all training participants.

It is an essential part of etiquette and education in the gym.

In conclusion, do not underestimate the importance of nail care when exercising in the gym.

Short nails are a fundamental aspect of your personal safety and respect for your training partners.

By keeping your nails short, you help create a safer and more hygienic training environment for everyone.

Now I’m sure you know, but what does short nail mean?.

To prevent you from interpreting this statement look at this pattern.

long nails in the gymYou don’t need long nails in the gym

Now as you can see from the image your nails must remain ONLY the red line.

This is very important to prevent you from accidentally injuring your partner while fighting and exercising.

Since you usually fight barefoot you have to do the same thing with your toes and this rule is also to be used in the striking where if it is true that the Hands I’m with the Gloves, the feet are often uncovered, and it is a check that personally should be emphasized in the regulations and verified before the matches to avoid potential Injuries.

If you then practice how combat sports the M.M.A. and the fight then the fingers of the hands come out of the gloves and the feet free, and in the fight on the ground as the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or grappling hands and feet are with exposed fingers, without protection.

The Crucial Importance of Short Nails in the Gym: A Red Line for Safety

In the gym, especially in sports contexts involving fighting and fighting, nail length becomes a critical issue for your safety and that of your training partners. Imagine an imaginary “red line” representing the maximum acceptable length for your nails.

This line, as shown in the image, should serve as a reference, and your nails must remain strictly BELOW this line.

Safety in the spotlight

Why is it so crucial to keep your nails short in the gym? The answer is security.

When practicing combat or wrestling sports, both barefoot and with specific footwear, long nails can pose a serious danger:

  1. Prevent Accidental Injuries: During training and fighting, physical contact is inevitable. A sudden movement or an attempt to grip could cause accidental scratching or injury if the nails are too long. By keeping your nails below the “red line”, you greatly reduce the risk of injury.
  2. In the World of Striking: Although the hands are protected by gloves, the feet are often exposed during striking sessions. A well-placed kick could cause serious damage if the nails are long and pointed. Safety is paramount for both hitters and receivers.
  3. Combat Sports and Ground Fighting: In disciplines such as mixed martial arts (M.M.A.), wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and grappling, fingers and toes are frequently exposed without any protection. In these cases, short nails become even more crucial to prevent injuries during training and fighting.

Regulations and Checks Before Matches

To ensure maximum safety in combat sports contexts, it is essential that the regulations highlight the importance of short nails.

Referees and match organizers should institute verification procedures before fights to ensure that all participants comply with the “red line” rule.

This helps prevent potential injuries and promote a culture of safety in the sports environment.

long nails in the gym


Keeping nails short is a basic requirement for anyone who practices combat sports or wrestling in the gym.

This precaution not only reduces the risk of accidental injury, but also demonstrates respect for fellow trainers and the rules of the martial art or combat sport practiced.

Always remember to cut your nails regularly and respect the “red line” to ensure a safe and respectful gym of all its members.

It’s part of the good education in the gym like being clean.

Now look at your hands and feet and if necessary give a file to your nails.

long nails in the gym

Lima lima lima ! Do not keep your nails long in the gym.

Stay Tuned!

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