You don’t need long nails in the gym

long nails in the gym

You don’t need long nails in thegym, you’re not going to a guitar class and you have to get people to beat up.

Caring your nails is part of your personal care but also part of safety in combat sports

Everyone knows and you know that in the gym you must have short fingernails and feet, you are not a cat but someone forgets that it is important to avoid scratching or accidentally injuring your training partner in the eyes.

This way of staying “clean” is part of the gym education you need to have in the gym and respect for your training partners.

Now I’m sure you know, but what does short nail mean?.

To prevent you from interpreting this statement look at this pattern.

long nails in the gymYou don’t need long nails in the gym

Now as you can see from the image your nails must remain ONLY the red line.

This is very important to prevent you from accidentally injuring your partner while fighting and exercising.

Since you usually fight barefoot you have to do the same thing with your toes and this rule is also to be used in the striking where if it is true that the Hands I’m with the Gloves, the feet are often uncovered, and it is a check that personally should be emphasized in the regulations and verified before the matches to avoid potential Injuries.

If you then practice how combat sports the M.M.A. and the fight then the fingers of the hands come out of the gloves and the feet free, and in the fight on the ground as the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or grappling hands and feet are with exposed fingers, without protection.

long nails in the gym
It’s part of the good education in the gym like being clean.

Now look at your hands and feet and if necessary give a file to your nails.

long nails in the gym

Lima lima lima ! Do not keep your nails long in the gym.

Stay Tuned!

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