You’re not too old


Are you too old to start practicing self-defense, combat sports or martial arts?

Today I want to start this pill of the day with a phrase by Bruce Lee:

“If you always limit everything you do, physical or otherwise, it will spread through your work and your life.

There are no limits there are only plateaus and you don’t have to stay there, you have to go further.”

One of the questions that some people often ask themselves and whether they can start doing martial arts if they are already 30 years old, 40 years old, 50 years old, etc.

But do you really think it’s too late to start training at 30? or 40 years old? 50 years?

It’s not at all even though it’s clearly the goals that change because you can’t go to matches at 50 but it doesn’t mean you can’t become a strong fighter and sparring.

The martial landscape is very vast and depending on age you can still orient yourself on different disciplines even if in practice you can practice them practically all.

No matter what your age is,it’s never too late to start training. You're not too old Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

The motivations

Remember that often many people who approach the world of martial arts do so with the purpose of getting fit and some to learn how to defend themselves , the motivations that lead you to walk through the doors of a gym are very varied, sometimes simple and sometimes complex and that’s why you need to find a good teacher, a good trainer and a good group of fellow trainers.

Remember that few people actually start martial arts/combat sports or personal defense paths are rarely in good shape.

Martial arts begin and then thanks to the combination of more stimuli/internal and external factors they get in shape.

The path and progression is personal so you will work stimulated (by the trainer, training partners, etc.) but with your time and safety.


If you’re worried about being killed or injured during training, quiet doesn’t happen, a serious gym makes you do regular specialist medical visits just to avoid danger or injury and you always work safely both as a work environment and as equipment.

Perhaps you take more risks if you sign up for a soccer tournament or a ski club, where there are often more or less serious injuries there.

Also consider that the types of training and intensity are progressive, nexssuno is asking you to make a preparation to fight in the UFC after 15 days of training!


The benefits of practicing

You’re about to discover one of the things that could change in a positive way many aspects of your life regardless of the age at which you start even if clearly with different goals, even if you are “old”.

Martial arts is not simply a new way of seeing the world, but they can lead to a whole new te.

It’s never too late to start, you’re not old.

You're not too old Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Limiting beliefs

Sometimes I find it absurd that there are adrimans guys who have the worry “whether to start martial arts after 20 years” or hear phrases in general like “But I’m not fit enough to start training!” or “I’m a girl, they’re male stuff” , I’m old, etc.

They really feel all kinds of colors, but they’re all bad beliefs that you have to abandon.

Once you start training, day after day you will exceed your limits and build in the best shape of your life.

Simple, isn’t it? Not really coe I tell you because you need your will, your determination, your perseverance but all this will be largely repaid.

The benefits will not only be limited to physical ones and improve your ability to defend yourself.

In fact, as you know, physical training is one of the elements that helps to improve your mind and break up your limiting beliefs and your limits will have positive effects on your awareness going to improve many aspects of life, such as relationships, friendships, interests, work, etc.

You're not too old Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

The comfort zone and apologies

You won’t be afraid to “jump” to face new challenges because you will have become accustomed to working outside your comfort zone and experimenting with new roads, you will no longer be afraid to change your habits, to walk new roads with your head held high by stopping to close yourself in and walking looking at your feet.

You will no longer feel in your head the excuses that imposed limits on you, those thoughts that always found excuses to give up such as “that is now too late”, “I am too old”, etc.

The phrase “it’s too late, or I’m old” doesn’t exist, there’s only work to be done.

Every road that has been taken by someone you value, even the furthest you know, has been taken with a first step, an uncertain step but that has been taken.

Without that first step, that wonderful journey would not have existed!


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