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Self-defense broke down in 2018

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varie Self-defense broke down in 2018

Personal defense broke down in 2018 but in
ExpertFightingTips you
find a way to solve this problem but not only.

But who is who has destroyed the self-defense industry and has done it almost without problems, almost undisturbed although today compared to 20 years ago there is much more information, perhaps the problem lies in this too.

Who did it?

Two “individuals” in particular.

Fakers instructors and
buyers looking for magic wands

The “first” who are those who care about one thing and only one thing, their bank account and the seconds of those who want to find the short way without having toil and still believe in magic wands.

Ps. A piece of advice, he still believes that it takes to train for years in the many disciplines..

varie-2 Self-defense broke down in 2018

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