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The carbs you need to train


The carbs you need to train!.

Now I want to make a simple parenthesis on the use of carbohydrates because the problem is that I see with the new fighters their lack of willingness to eat carbohydrates.

For some reason, people have this idea that eating carbs leads to putting on fat or other people believe that replacing carbs with protein to focus on building muscle.

The simple fact of the matter is that everyone needs this element whether you like it or not you should not exclude them from your diet.


The importance of carbohydrates to fight

If you study the food pyramid, you will see that carbohydrates are the largest, most important layer of food at the bottom.

The reason you need carbohydrates is for energy.

Even if you’re not a fighter and don’t fight, you’ll still need carbs to survive.

There’s no way to do it.

If you do combat sports you need to increase your carbohydrate intake or else your body will starve to death which means you will not have energy to sustain the workouts.


Carbohydrates VS Fat

Carbohydrates are not always the same.

Good carbs give you energy, bad carbohydrates give you FREE!

If you are consuming carbohydrates and do not work and do not have a high metabolism, you will create fat.

If it is sports and training, carbohydrates will be permanently used.

Professional fighters consume about 7,000 calories a day and burn them easily!


The carbs you need to train Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


Carbohydrate metabolism is not the same for everyone, each of us inherits from our parents its own characteristics,just think of the color of the eyes, the hair, the oval of the face.

These characteristics are written in our DNA and the DNA of each of us is unique.

However, we also inherit characteristics that are not seen: for example, the way we metabolize carbohydrates, fats, lactose intolerance, etc.

Get to know you

Ok but how do I know these features?

Just a saliva sample.

You get it right, science helps you.

Today with the most advanced research techniques you can analyze DNA, or rather some points on DNA, that affect the way you metabolize nutrients: in doing so, you can make a personalized nutritional plan, avoiding foods that hurt you or geese your body tolerates less.

A food plan that considers how you are today, but also your predispositions.

The carbs you need to train Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

When do you have to eat carbs?. Not at night at midnight with a nice spaghetti!!

Most important times of the day to consume carbohydrates:

  • When you wake up – breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Make it big, eat a lot, and then eat less during the day so you don’t get heavy from food and have a state of “food coma” and feel lazy during the day.
  • Before a workout – it is definitely energy before a workout, so be sure to eat before starting training 2 hours before.
  • After a workout – your body will starve after a workout and will immediately start the “rest mode”, when it starts to take nutrients to start putting your body together and rebuild your body and muscles to become better than before.


I kept the article as simple as possible. Carbohydrate intake depends on how seriously you work out each day. My advice slowly adjusts and if you continue to feel hungry, eat more. If you feel weighed down, eat less.

Attention!! If you eat pasta it doesn’t mean endless toppings!!

As for people who want to ask me for an opinion on VS carbohydrate protein, I tell them right away that this is not a bodybuilder diet.

This is a diet for a FIGHTER. The point is, you’re going to have to eat like a fighter if you want to be a fighter.

A fighter’s diet has different complexities than a bodybuilder where weight gain is an “advantage” before the unloading period to dry while a fighter must stay in his weight without putting excess fat or fluids and having a predominant lean mass percentage.

Both face complex diets and feedings but with different goals and somehow it is more complex for a fighter where even workloads are less controllable because of the variety of training types he faces every day.

Experience and listen to your body!.


Written by Andrea

Instructor and enthusiast of Self Defence and Fight Sport.

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