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Corner Boxing Tracker


Corner Boxing Tracker and next generation technology for fighters.

This week I tried the boxing tracker of CORNER,one of the next generation products that the manufacturers of fitness tracking technology expressly made for boxers and boxing professionals.

I used it for several weeks, both doing sack sessions, focus pads and sparring.

I also wanted to do interval speed workouts with certain combinations so that I could repeat them in the following days and detect if there are any improvements.

Corner is like having a real portable trainer

These are new products that help the athlete or coach to track the progress of the training with a numerical analysis.

This is an important help especially for those who train alone because it goes to objectify a feeling unless you have training partners or a coach who on some types of training counts the number of strokes and combinations, etc.

The product was developed and designed over a 4-year period and has been tested with some of the best professional boxers in the world such as Team GB, Anthony Joshua, the Cuban boxing team, Joe Gallagher and many others.

Corner is not a toy but a portable trainer!


Corner: the next-generation technology for boxers

What is Corner?

Corner Wearable’s are a pair of small wireless trackers that slip into a boxer’s bandages and connect to their smartphone using Bluetooth technology and through an app the information coming from the sensors worn by the athlete are processed.

Each punch is displayed in real time to create an image of the athlete’s performance while training and with the possibility of collecting data from each workout and making comparisons and statistics.

Sensors track the following data:

  • Individual types of shots such as jab, cross, left and right hooks and uppercuts
  • Speed in mph/kph
  • Power in G-force
  • Shot count
  • Percentage of work / when you’re getting tired
  • Top of your combinations
  • Hand backwards speed after blow

Corner Boxing Tracker

How does the tracker help you?

The Corner app gives you a complete view of how you’re training, so you can improve by doing specific workouts using the Corner app.

Corer helps you hit harder and faster.

Corner is a state-of-the-art product designed to track and improve the hand speed, power, accuracy and overall performance of boxers of all levels.

Of course this technology is not limited to boxing, as it works for any sport or activity where hitting with your hands is an integral part of combat sports, such as MMA, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Savate, Sanda, Shoot Boxing and more.

Each type of shot: jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts as well as blocks and combinations are displayed in real time as you work out.

Corner is a complete tracker to measure your performance for boxers and combat sports and that measures all kinds of workouts from:

It measures every single shot so that you can get instant feedback and collect statistics from your workout and provide performance metrics for speed, power and accuracy, providing a precise and thorough measure of your performance.

It also further breaks down the formation of the fighter and provides combat style insights;

With every single shot detected and the combinations plotted it gives you precise feedback for fighters.


Ps. Lately I’ve done some plenty of interval speed workouts and I didn’t need a training partner to count the shots and see if there was an improvement between intervals at the same time in the same combination.


Gestural navigation a cool

One very convenient thing I found is the exclusive hands-free navigation without touching your smartphone while you have gloves that allows you to easily view the collected data and navigate through the feedback information without having to take off your gloves

I loved this feature because when I only work out I have the ability to navigate the app’s menus without taking off my gloves and seeing the stats between rounds.

It was very useful to think about this problem that can be solved with MMA gloves but useful when wearing gloves.


The straps are made of a breathable fabric with specially designed holes to release moisture when you start sweating.

The cuffs adapt to all the dimensions of the wrists with special strips to fit.

They are perfect for shadow boxing and to wear them under your boxing gloves.

You can also wear them by inserting them into the bandage of the hands.

If you do a double bandage the straps are not so long so it is better to wear them by wrapping them in the last laps before closing the bandage or tucking them to the last.

Corner Boxing Tracker Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

Compatibility with smartphones and tables

The app is free and is available on Android and iOS.

Athletes and coaches will be able to view data online, using any desktop.

Even a coach who has online access, will be able to monitor each of his athletes 24/7, allowing the fighter to benefit from uninterrupted coaching service.

Corner Boxing Tracker Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight SportBattery life

Inside the package beyond the sensors is a double charging cable for sensors.

Battery life is more than 4 hours of live use,but there’s also the offline feature available for fighters using Corner.

Offline mode may be more useful for fighters who train 3 to 4 times a week or even more, and are more interested in viewing their weekly performance analysis rather than day-to-day.

The collected data is synchronized at the end of each training session on the application further preserving battery life.

The compact micro USB charger is designed with flexibility in mind.

Cables can be folded and moved so you don’t have to worry about breaking trackers when they’re charging.


Where to buy it:

Corner Boxing Tracker Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

The package includes 2 trackers, 1 micro USB charger and 2 bracelets. (You can also use trackers with your own hands)


Price: $279.00

Ps. The Corner hardware consists of two small, lightweight Bluetooth LE-enabled sensors that contain 3-axis accelerometers that attach to hand casings.

Punch tracking sensors connect to iOS and Android devices and work immediately.

Corner Boxing Tracker Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


The product is very interesting and works well and is aimed at anyone interested in boxing and combat sports training but also for those looking for a tool to monitor fitness using boxing training or for those who want to improve the technical aspect of boxing.

Indeed the jobs can be many and is suitable for amateur practitioners to competitive practitioners up to professional fighters.

The tracker in addition to working very well has an app that is constantly evolving and is introducing some beautiful news to allow a more social work but that allows you to compare yourself and understand where you are and your physical condition.

It’s like having a personal trainer because it allows you to monitor your work that still needs to be planned and see in the weeks the improvement, or analyze the number of shots you throw the most, or the combinations, the volume of shots, really using it you realize with the numbers of your way and your state to use the hand shots.

Amazing discoveries you can make!

Really a great product, easy to configure and wear thanks to bands to hold the sensor but possibly you can also wrap them in the bands you put under the glove.

I tested it and tried it for several days doing several tests and I have to say that it is really a great product and talking to the creators about the novelty they are introducing I think it will become even more fun and useful to succeed as well as to measure their own performance also to compare with other athletes.

Stay Tuned!

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