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Freeze demonstrations of techniques don’t work

Freeze demonstrations of techniques don't work

Freeze demonstrations of the techniques do not work.

During the execution of exercises and techniques, the suspended, firm, immovable, seamless and fluid arms are a mess. and that’s the wrong way to do the exercises and especially to learn.

Often you are seen doing technical exercises with the training partner with the shots that remain as suspended in the air, in a static position, no No NO !!!! you can not see this in 2019.

It’s a common mistake, typical but that’s totally wrong because you’re doing something that will NEVER work.

Even worse when you see “masters” doing cinematographic techniques on students practically immobile, with a pre-established attack design that makes everyone remain open-mouthed but this is the worst way to really teach how to defend themselves.

This situation is more present in self-defense courses and trainers than in combat sports where the practice of sparring tends to eliminate all this nonsense in a natural way.

It is full of famous teachers on Instagram and YouTube who then go to match with strangers, I do not talk to you about pro athletes that could also be normal and you do not see them do anything they teach in the gym and usually they always take them.

Is this normal?

No, absolutely because there should always be an ethics in teaching that is based on a fundamental assumption, “only what you can prove works“.

There is no need to perform the exercises in freeze mode is a very serious mistake that leads you not to really learn because it lacks all that is the dynamics of movement understood as power and speed and space / time understood as distance and timing.

It means you’re making movies, you’re studying stuntman.

What you need to do is just slow down but leaving the continuity and fluidity real and as you learn the technique you increase the speed until you bring it to real speed and finally put the power, clearly with a focus on safety through the right protections.

Martial arts, combat sports, self-defense, etc. have had a strong evolution with regard to methodological knowledge for the development of attributes and technical study allowing a more reality-oriented approach.

This work clearly calls into question a lot of the work you’ve done for years whether you’re a teacher or a student also because the closed doors of many schools churning out samples and pro gyms allowed you to peek and this was enlightening because it has allowed to see different methodologies but also with many common aspects.

Freeze demonstrations of techniques don't work

A small parenthesis

Today it is not difficult to see athletes train, peek inside gyms around the world, see masters of level explain techniques and exercises, it is no longer like a time although I have to tell you that they are details to grasp, they are peeks through the keyhole because the doors are always closed As in the past but those small details in the hands of competent people are enlightening or confirm methodologies and teaching approaches.

The methodologies used with athletes and the work done even if calibrated for the same athlete is a bit the “secret” of how they work on the development of attributes or how they prepare matches when it comes to combat sports.

An example, when you see how Floyd Mayweather Jr. works on the sack. It doesn’t mean he always does it this way, he just shows one way he uses it doesn’t mean he does it that way!

So it’s not that you can copy without understanding why they can’t reveal their working method because it represents the know-how of the team and the athlete.

All this is great if you know how to take the opportunity.

Freeze demonstrations of techniques don't work
FILE PHOTO – Floyd Mayweather Jr. of the U.S. hits a heavy bag during a workout at the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S., August 10, 2017. REUTERS/Las Vegas Sun/Steve Marcus


If you can not do the technique even in continuous slow motion, insist, but do not divide it too much into steps because if you have to do a technique on the Jab and Cross with steps and dodges you have to do it in that context without unpacking it too much because you have to maintain the condition of real timing.

Do not change the timing of the blows, it slows down but always continuously because otherwise you get used to doing something that is not how it works with the consequent inability to perform techniques in reality.

After the execution succeeds at real speed you also begin to increase the power.

Attention! Use the right protections, always work safely.

Freeze demonstrations of techniques don't work Fighting Tips - Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport

The change of context

After you are masters of the technique performed at real speed you have to insert the exercise in a different context, not pre-established, where you must insert the exercise studied but not with the pre-established sequence to learn to recognize the correct input that starts the technique, so you do not feel uncoordinated and awkward.

Why is this?

What you have studied never arrives in that order but is like a piece inserted at the right time to fit perfectly but the sequence is not always the same and for this reason it is necessary to work to recognize / feel / perceive / intuit that moment.

I assure you it is not simple the real work is there!

What you need to understand is that when you study a technique and combinations, etc. there has just begun work.

The road to actually apply it is very challenging and needs specific work that usually no one explains to you.

Stay Tuned!

Street Fight Mentality & Fight Sport


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